Beginner Full-Body Workout Routine For Women to Gain Muscles Fast

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If You are Trying to Gain Muscles and Struggling to Gain Even an ounce of Muscle Then This Workout Routine is For You. For Women, Gaining Muscle is Little Hard as Women Build Muscle at a Slower Pace

Men Build Muscles Faster as Men Have More Testosterone (Primary Male Sex Hormone) Compared to Women

Women Build Muscle Slowly But By Following a Proper Workout Routine and Keeping a Close Watch on Diet, Everything is Possible

In Order to Build Muscle You Need Three Things:

  1. A Workout that Offers Suitable Resistance to Your Muscle
  2. Diet That Provides You With Required Nutrition to Fuel Your Body
  3. Enough Rest Periods Between Each Workout

Most of the Beginner can Except to See Noticeable Changes in their Muscles within 8 Weeks But Experienced Lifters With Great Routine

Can Expect to See Results Within three to Four Weeks

So, If You are Trying to Gain Muscles and You are Ready to Put in Hard Work, Then With This Workout Routine You can Expect Results Fast

Women Working out

How Many Times Do I Need To Perform This Workout to Gain Muscles?

You are Serious about Gaining Muscles But You Want to Train Less Than 3 Days a Week, Then Building Muscles is Not Possible For You

I am Going Be Genuine With You to the Bitter End!

You Have to Train at Least 3-5 Times a Week to Really Boost Your Results

Most of the Beginners Just Don’t Train Enough to See Results Which they Desire and in the End Quit Just When They Start to Improve

Building Muscle and Strength Takes Time. You Can’t Expect Change From the Very First Day But If You Stay with It You Will Start to See Result

When I Started Training, I was Skinny Beyond Imagination. It Took me More than a Year to be able to do 30 Push-up in a Row

Can You Imagine It? Just 30 Push-ups Were More than Enough to Make Me Feel Exhausted But Now after 7-8 Year of Training Everyday

I Can Do More than 60 Push-up with Proper Form Under a Minute

You Will See Changes only If You Stay Consistent. If You Work Hard and Follow the Routine and Put in Hard Work

One Day You Will Definitely Reach Your Goal

For Beginners Who are Serious about Gaining Muscle, I Would Recommend No Less than 5 Days of Workout Per Week

women starting to run

What to Do If I Have Never Trained Before?

You Have Never Trained Before I Get It But It Kinda Doesn’t Make any difference. Every Experienced Lifter was Once a Newbie

If You are a Newbie and You are Willing to Work Hard and Train Properly You Will See Results But It Will Take Time

Since You Have Never Trained Before, It Will Take Some Time Before You Get Used to Training Consistently

Moreover, You Will Notice Results after around 8 Weeks

You Have to Be Patient and Stick with the Routine. Most of the Time People Skip Their Training For One Day or Maybe For a Whole Week

Not Training For a Day Will Not Change anything But it Destroys Routine and Consistency. In Lifting Consistency is the Key

You are Able to Lift Things Which You were Not able to Lift Before only Because You Were Consistent in Your Efforts

Your Consistency Shows Your Resolve. If Your Resolve is Strong Enough You Will Get the Gains You Desire

Even If You are a Beginner and You Don’t Even Know How to Do Certain Exercises Properly. Everything Will Fine If You are Consistent in your Effort

Just Stick with the Routine and You Will See the Results Sooner or Later

If You are Overweight, Then Here’s How You Can Start Exercising When You are Already Overweight?

Warm-Up Exercises

Warm-Up Exercises are Very Important. Not Just Because they Will Prevent You From Getting Injured But They Will Improve Your Athletic Performance

Before We Get To Workout Routine For Women You Need to Understand the Importance of Warming-up Properly For Heavy Training

There are Many Reasons Why You Should Warm up Before a Workout Session. Some of them are:

  • Your Overall Athletic Performance Will Improve
  • Prevent You From Getting Injured
  • Warming up will Improve Blood Flow to Your Skeletal Muscles
  • Increase in Body Temperature Which will Improve Your Nerve Transmission and Muscle Metabolism
  • You, Will Get into the Right Training Mindset

Here are 7 Warming up Exercises That I Recommend You to Do Before a Workout. Doing Them Won’t Take More than 5 Minutes

  1. Shoulder Rolls
  2. Head Rotation
  3. Hip Rotation
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Jump Jacks
  6. Butt Kickers
  7. High Knees

Doing all of these Will Get You Warmed Up For the Challange

Moreover, You Can Do these Exercises Prior to Doing any Physical Work to Improve Performance and Concentration

Shoulder Rolls: In Order to Perform a Shoulder Roll, You Have to Lift Your Shoulder up Toward Your Ear and Then Gently Rolling them Forward, Down, Back and Finally Up to Complete the Rotation

Perform 2 Sets of 10 Rotation Per Arm

Head Rotation: Turn Your Head From Side to Side Slowly and Gently. After that Rotate it in Clockwise Direction and Anti-Clockwise Direction

Hip Rotation: Stand With Your Weight on one Leg and Then Slowly Raise Your Knee Up and Rotate It. Perform 2 Set of 10 Rotation

Jump Ropes: This Is The Most Important Warm-Up Exercise. Maybe You Know How to do Skipping or Maybe You Still Need to Learn it

Assuming that You Know How to Do a Jump Rope and You Have one with You. If You Don’t Have a Jump Rope then You Can Get Em Here

You Have to Perform 3 Sets of 1 Minute. Make Sure that You Don’t Rush. Perform them at Your Own Pace

Moreover, Jump Rope as Compared to other Warm-Up Exercise is the Most Important as It Will Raise Your Temperature Perfectly

Jump Jacks: You Have to Stand upright With Your Feet Together. Bend Your Knees and Then Jump. As You Jump Spread Your Knees to Be about Shoulder Width apart

Moreover, Stretch Your Arm Over Your Head Then Jump Back To The Starting Position

Butt Kickers: In Order to Do Butt Kickers, You Have to raise Your knee up in Backward Direction and Try to Get Your Heel as Close as Possible to Your Butt Without Compromising Your Balance and Flexibility

Perform around 2 Sets of 30 Reps Each Leg

High Knees: Try to Get Your Knee High as Close as Possible to the Chest. Either You Can Do it Slowly or Little Bit More Briskly

Perform around 2 Set of 50 Reps

With These Exercises, You are Done with the Warm-up Part of the Workout Routine. Take a Short Break of About 5 Minutes

Now Get Ready For Exercises That Are Really Gonna Help You Gain Muscles Fastly at Home or at Gym

Beginner Exercises to Gain Muscles Fast at Home or at Gym

In Order to Increase the Size of the Muscle, a Person Needs to Continually Challange the Muscleto Deal with Higher Level of Resistance

As a Result Muscle Fibres Sustain Damage and When the Body Repairs Those Damaged Muscle Fibres, The Size, as well as Mass of the Muscle Fibre is Increased

So, If You Want to Build Muscle You Have to Train in Order to Break Those Fibres along With Provide Yourself With Enough Nutrition

Fruits to Gain Muscles

Nutrition Will Help in the Healing Process. The Last Ingredient You Need is Rest. Muscle is Not Build in the Gym Rather the Opposite

Muscles are Build When Your Body Heals Damaged Fibre and This Process Happens Usually When You Sleep

These Are The Best Exercises For Beginners To Start Building Muscles:

  1. Leg Exercises: Lunges, Squats, and Deadlift
  2. Pull Exercises: Pull-ups or Chin-ups, Bicep Curls
  3. Push Exercises: Push-ups, Bench Press, Dips, Tricep Kickback, Military Press Dumbell
  4. Core Exercises: Planks, Bicycle Crunches, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch, Mountain Climbers
  5. Shoulder Exercise: Lateral Dumbell Raise, Front Dumbell Raise
  6. Lower Back Exercises: Lying Lateral Leg Lifts, Bridges

Don’t Worry About Butt Exercises, Lunges and Squats are More than Enough to Build Your Glutes!

Workout Routine

Assuming You are Training 3-5 Days a Week

You Can Use These Workout Routines Unless You Want to Train More than 5 Days Which I Would Recommend Not To Do

As Your Rest Periods Will Be Affected Which Will Directly Effect Your Gains

3 Days Workout Routine For Women: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  1. Monday: Lunges, Squats, Deadlift, Tricep Kickbacks, Military Press Dumbell, Dips, Push-ups, & Warm-Up Exercises
  2. Wednesday: Pull-ups, Bicep Curls, Planks, Bicycle Crunches, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch, Mountain Climbers, Lateral Dumbell Raise, Front Dumbell Raise & Warm-Up Exercises
  3. Friday: Lying Lateral Leg Lifts, Bridges, Lunges, Squats, Deadlift, Push-ups, Bench Press, Dips & Warm-Up Exercises

4 Days Workout Routine For Women: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  1. Sunday: Pull-ups or Chin-ups, Bicep Curls, Lunges, Squats, Deadlift
  2. Tuesday: Push-ups, Bench Press, Dips, Tricep Kickback, Military Press Dumbell
  3. Thursday: Planks, Bicycle Crunches, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, Squats, Deadlift
  4. Friday: Lateral Dumbell Raise, Front Dumbell Raise, Lying Lateral Leg Lifts, Bridges, Pull-ups

5 Days Workout Routine For Women: Monday-Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  1. Monday: Lunges, Squats, Deadlift, Pull-ups or Chin-ups, Bicep Curls
  2. Tuesday: Push-ups, Bench Press, Dips, Tricep Kickback, Military Press Dumbell, Planks, Bicycle Crunches, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch, Mountain Climbers
  3. Thursday: Lunges, Squats, Deadlift, Lateral Dumbell Raise, Front Dumbell Raise
  4. Friday: Push-ups, Bench Press, Dips, Tricep Kickback, Military Press Dumbell, Bicycle Crunches, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch, Mountain Climbers
  5. Saturday: Lunges, Squats, Deadlift, Pull-ups or Chin-ups, Bicep Curls, Lying Lateral Leg Lifts, Bridges

Equipment Required

  1. Pair of Dumbells: Dumbells Will Be Used to Perform Triceps Kickback, Military Press Dumbell, Bicep Curls. Moreover, They Can Be Utilized While Doing Lunges to Increase Resistance. You can Get a Pair of Dumbell From Amazon
  2. Bench Press: Bench Press can Be Used to Perform Chest Press and Variety of Abs Exercises. You can get a Bench Press From Amazon at a Very Low Price. Having Your Own Equipment is Better than Borrow From Someone Else as You can Utilize Them any Time
  3. Jump Rope: Jump Rope is Perfect For Warm-up. You can check it on Amazon. Moreover, You can Also Do Air Skipping If You Don’t Want to Use a Jump Rope
  4. Pull-up Bar: Pull-up Bar is a Must-Have If You Believe in Building Your Muscles at Home. A Simple Pull-up Bar Can Be Used to Perform 100 of Different Calisthenics Exercises. Check it on Amazon

Having Your Own Equipment is Better than Going to a Gym cause a 3 Month Gym Membership is Expensive than Most of the Equipment You are Going to Use For Training

If You Want Results Than Doing The 5 Days Workout Routine is the Best Option. If I Was a Beginner I Would Do The 5 Day Workout Routine

Training 3 Days or 4 Days is Good But Training 5 Days is Where You Will Get to See Real Transformation and Growth

How Many Sets and Reps Should I Do?

Assuming You are a Total Newbie, Sets and Reps Will Play an Important Role in Your Overall Gains as Doing too Many Reps is Bad

But at the Same Time, Performing Few Reps Will Result in Poor Gains. For Maximum Gains, You Need to Perform around 3-5 Sets

Here is a Proper Table For You To Know How Many Reps & Sets You Should Perform For Each Exercise:

Lunges 3-515-30
Squats 3-515-30
Deadlift 410-15
Bicep Curls 520-30
Bench Press 3-55-10
Planks 2-3A Minute / Your
Max Time
Dips 3-55-15
Press Dumbell
Push-ups 510-30
Pull-ups or
Dumbell Raise
Dumbell Raise
Lying Lateral
Leg Lifts
Bridges 510

Maybe You Don’t Have Enough Strength to Perform a Single Pull-up or Maybe You can Perform More Than 20 Pull-ups Easily

The Point is that You Have to Trim the Number of Reps according to Your Own Strength and Slowly By Slowly Increase Those Reps

Suppose In the First Week, You Perform 3 Sets of Lunges with about 20 Reps. After 2-3 Weeks You Have to Increase the Number of Reps

Without Increasing Reps and Sets, You Won’t Be able to Challenge Your Muscle with Proper amount of Resistance

As a result, Your Gains Will Be Compromised

For Exercises Which Include Usage of weight, I Recommend Using Light Weight as Possible. For Example For Bench Press, Starting with an Empty Rod will Be Sufficient. Don’t Lift to Satisfy Your Ego

Lift So that You Can Transform Your Body into a Better Shape

Women Performing Planks

Nutrition is More Important

Gains = 20% Workout + 40% Rest + 40% Nutrition

To Build Muscles Effectively You Have to Consume a Proper amount of Micro and Macro Nutrients. You Have to Make Sure that You Consume Enough Calories and Nutrients That Promote Muscle Growth

1 gm of Protein Per Pound of Your Body Weight Daily and 1-3 gm of Carbohydrates Per Pound of Body Weight Daily is The Minimum Requirement For Womens to Gain Muscle Effectively

The Real Question is How can You Nutrient Needs? There are Two Ways:

First Using Natural Sources of Nutrition

You can Eat Organic and Natural. You Can Consume Vegetables and Fruits For Gains. Only If You are Vegetarian

You can Also Eat Eggs, Salmon, Chicken Breast, Tuna, Lean Beef, Shrimp, Tilapia, and Turkey Breast

But there is a Limit to How Much You Can Consume in a Day. Moreover, You can’t Just Spend Your Whole Day Trying to Cook Meals For Yourself

Second Using Supplements

I Personally Use Supplements to Meet My Day to Day Need of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Mineral. I Even Use Sports Drink Sometime

When You Train For a Long Time It’s Very Difficult to Meet Your Day to Day Need of Protein Simply From Natural Sources only

So, What I Do is Mix Everything. I Consume 3-5 Eggs Every day without Yolk. Plus 250 ml of Milk and 100 Gm of Chicken Breast

I Eat Eggs in the Morning Time along with Milk. After the Workout is Done. I Eat Chicken Breast. Since I Workout Two Times a Day

Ist Workout Routine is From 7:00 – 8:30 am, Second One From 6:00 – 7:30 Pm

In the Morning I Consume Eggs, Milk and Chicken Breast Cause they are Very Easily Accessible to Me During this Time

In the Evening I Consume Protein Shake, 1 Hour after the Workout to Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies

The Protein Shake I Use is Naked Whey. But I Don’t Think That You Need it. If You are Struggling to get Enough Protein Throughout the Day

Maybe You Don’t Want to Waste Time in Creating Meals For Yourself

Then Using a Protein Shake will Be Good. Remember that For Gaining Muscles You Have to Eat at Least 2000-2500 Calories Everyday

To Reach Your Total Calorie Need Eat Everything and Anything. Just Make Sure that You Eat at Least 2000+ Calories and Required amount of Protein

You Need to Consume 1 gm of Protein Per Pound of Body Weight

So, If You are 105 Pounds You Have to Consume 105 gm of Protein Every day

6 Small Meals Throughout the Day

Muscle Building is Not Possible Without Eating Surplus Diet. But It is Not Possible to Eat Heavy Meals Three Times a Day Unless You are a Foodie

But What is Possible is If You Divide Your Daily Meals into 6 Small Meals and Eat Every 2-3 Hour

Eating Every 3 Hour Will Keep Your Blood Sugar Level and Metabolism at a Constant High Which Means that Your Performance will Not Drop

10 Training Tips to Keep in Mind to Enhance Your Gains

Know-How to Start Your Workout:

The Proper Way to Start Your Workout Routine is By Doing Warm-Up Exercise First Followed By the Easiest Exercise

Never Perform Tough Exercises in the Beginning. Perform Easy Exercise First Followed By a Tough Exercise and Then an Easy one

Keep Yourself Hydrated at All Time:

To Perform Each Exercise Properly and Avoid Dehydration, Drinking water or Sports Drink is Must

Sports Drinks are Only Needed If You are Going to Perform Intense Workout. I Usually Use

Make Sure You Don’t Over Exert Yourself:

It’s Important That You Train and Follow the Routine But If You are Injured or Ill Then Avoiding Workout is Better than Performing it

Moreover, Challenging Your Muscles Doesn’t Mean that You Should Avoid Resting and Keep on Performing Exercises When You are Already Sore

Use Proper Training Equipment For Exercising:

Certain Type of Exercises Requires Certain Type of Equipment. Not Everything Can Be Trained with Body Weight Alone

Even If You are Doing Body Weight Exercises. You Need a Pull-up Bar to Perform Pull-ups or Chin-ups

Investing Your Resources in Equipment is More Convenient. I Used to Use a Tree Branch For Pull-ups Which Resulted in Calluses on My Hands

Now I Wear Gloves Every Single Time When I Workout

So, Arrange Good Equipment. You Don’t Need to Arrange Everything

Just Get a Pull-up Bar, A Pair of Dumbells and a Bench Press If You are Serious about Training. That’s all You Need to Perform this Workout

Focus on Your Form:

A Single Perfect Rep is Better than 100 Incorrect Reps. If You are Serious about Training Then Why Not Train Properly

Not Performing Exercises in the Right Way Not Only Will Damage Your Body But Will Also Result in Poor Gains Even If You Give Your 100 Percent

So, Learn Firstly How to Perform an Exercise Properly than and only than add that Exercise in Your Workout Routine

Keep Your Breathing in Check:

Breathing is Very Important. While Training and Performing Resistance Exercise You Should Focus on Your Breathing

When You are Pushing Against The Resistance Suppose While Pushing a Bench Press off Your Chest, Exhale

Similarly, If You are Performing Pull-ups, Exhale When You Pull Yourself Up

Keep Challenging Yourself:

Make Sure That Every Week You Add Weight to Your Bar or Increase the Number of Reps You Perform in a Set

Consume Proper Nutrition:

Remember that Diet is Everything. In Order to Consume Required Amount of Protein Don’t Hold Back. You May Have to Eat 3000+ Calories

So, To Accomplish that Eat Everything You Can Get Your Hands-on. Just Make Sure That You Eat Required Amount of Protein Everyday

Stick With Your Routine:

Performing Your Workout Routine ones or Twice is Not Enough to Produce any Result. Stick with Your Routine and Work as Hard as You Can

Take Rest Seriously:

Rest is One of the Most Important Thing When it Comes to Working out. Sleep at Least 7 Hours a Day

Moreover, Enjoy Yourself Throughout The Day. If You are Happy Working out will Be Fun. You Mood Will Affect How Hard You Train

So, If You are Happy and Full of Energy You Will Train Hard

8 Precaution to Avoid Injuries

Not Following the Precaution can Result in Injuries. Injuries Will Lower Your Overall Performance and Motivation

Know-How to Perform Each Exercise First: Most of the Newbie, Never Try to Learn Because they Think They Know How to Do it From Just a Look

Always Research about the Exercise Yourself and Learn it Properly to Avoid Doing it Wrong For Months Before Doing it Right

Never Do Exercises Which Require Lifting Weight Alone: Suppose You are Doing Bench Press or Military Press Dumbell, Never Do it Alone

Always Have a Supporter or Trainer With You. This Way if the Weight is too Much Still You Will Get away with it Without an Injury

Make Sure You Have Enough Energy to Perform the Workout:

You are Not Following the Nutrition Tips and Your Body Doesn’t Have Enough Nutrition to Support itself. Always Keep a Close Check on Your Diet

If You Don’t Eat Healthily, You Can’t Lift, Let alone Lift Heavy. Make Sure You Consume Proper Amount of Calories Every Single Day

Moreover, Make Sure that Your Protein Requirements are Fulfilled

Always Listen to Your Body:

Your Body is Too Exhausted For a Workout Session. So Skip it If You Need too. But it Doesn’t Mean Skipping Every Single Week

You Understand Your Body More than Any Person in the World. So, Follow Your Feelings. In the Long Run Listening To Your Body will Payout More

Use the Right Gear:

If You are Not Using the Right Gear or If You are Using Broken Gear than I Advise You to Change it Unless it’s Bit too Much Work For You

Getting Few New Equipment is Better than Using Broken Ones

For Performing this Workout Routine You Need Just a Pair of Dumbells, Bench Press and a Jump Rope. That’s It

When I Started Working out I Used to Use Equipment That I Borrowed From My Neighbour. Every Day in the Morning I Use to Borrow it and Return it in the Evening time. So, That He Doesn’t Face Trouble using Them

But He Never Used a Single One of them to Train. I Never Saw Him Training

You can Also Borrow Equipment From Someone Else

Start Slowly With Your Training: Never Jump into Tough Workout Session Just Because You Feel Like it. Start Slowly With Easy Routine and Low Reps

Then Ones You Get Used to It. Elevate Your Training with More Reps, Sets, and Weight. But Start Slow and Then Slowly Take it up a Notch

Cool Yourself Down After a Workout: You Know How to Start Your Workout Routine But Do You Know How to End it?

You End Your Workout By Cooling Yourself Down. In Order to Cool Yourself Down. Walk for 5-10 Minutes With Little Bit of Stretching

Walk, Relax, and Stretch till You Get Your Heart Rate and Body Temperature to Normal. Then Hydrate Your Self with a Proper Energy Drink

Know When To Stop Your Workout: Suppose You Were Training For Whole Week. It’s Saturday and You are Trying to Get Your Workout Done

But You can’t Even Perform Warm-Up Exercises Properly. What Would You Do? Keep on Performing the Workout or Stop Your Workout

You Should Stop Training Before You Get Hurt

If You Don’t Have Enough Energy to Do Warm-up Exercises. How Are You Going to Do Bench Press without Hurting Yourself with a Wrong Form

How to Treat Injuries Due to Exercise?

Following all The Precaution will Most Likely Keep You Safe But Sometimes Lucky is Not Good Enough So If You End up with a Sprain or Strain

Then You can Do Three Things To Treat it

Apply Ice: Use a Towel to Cover the Ice and then Apply it on Your Sprain. Apply the Ice Pack For About 15 Minutes at Least

Reapply the Ice at Least Four Times a Day But If the Injury Doesn’t Feel Good You Should Better Contact a Physician

Never Compromise Your Body Health

Wrap it With a Bandage: You can Wrap the Injured Area in an Elastic Bandage. Make Sure You Don’t Wrap the Bandage too Tight

Take Suitable amount of Rest: Rest is The Most Important Part of a Workout and Recovery. Don’t Over Exert Yourself and Take a Day off

Always Train When You are at Your Highest Potential

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Consume at Least 2000-2500 Calories. Making Sure You Consume 1 gm of Protein Per Pound of Your Body Weight

If You are Serious about Gaining Muscles!

Using this WorKout Routine any Woman Can Gain Muscle. You Just Have to Be Consistent in Your Efforts

P.S. If You Have any Questions about this Workout Routine You can Comment Down Below. I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

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