Arm Wrestling Drills For Beginner to Gain Strength

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The 21st Century is Filled with People Who are Truly Interested in Arm wrestling. Arm Wrestling is a True Sport of Strength But For Beginners Sorting Training Out is Kinda Tough Due to Limited Information. So Here we are With arm Wrestling Drills for Beginners So that They can Upgrade their Game.

There are a Lot of Drills a Newbie can Perform in order to Ger Better in the Arm wrestling
But Some Drills are Better than the Others
Frankly, Drills that Target Both the Arms and the Legs Yield the Best Result
Most of the Newbies train their Arm But Don’t Even Think about training the Legs.
Best Arm Wrestling Drills For Beginners is one that Target Back Muscles, Arm Muscles, and Legs.
So Here are The Drills

Top 9 Arm Wrestling Drills

It Will Yield Best Result if You Do these Drills in Proper Order
Moreover, As a Newbie, You Should Focus Your Entire Energy to Gain Strength and Speed. As You Grow Your Strength You Can Adopt Various Drills In order to Enhance Your Level

  1. Doing Fingre Push-ups
  2. Bicep Curls
  3. Squats
  4. Ab Crunches
  5. Hand Stand Push-ups
  6. One Arm Hangs
  7. Pull-ups
  8. One Arm Push-ups
  9. More Bicep Curls ( Different Variations)

It Seems Simple at First But As You Do it Daily The Amount of Strength You Will Gain through this Will Increase Consistentll.
At Beginning these Exercises Will Seem Easy But As You Will Go On Performing them
It will Get Harder
First is

  1. Doing Fingre Push-ups:
    Not Many People Out There Know that The Force is Exerted By Fingers. Moreover, They Play a Crucial Role In the Amount of Force You Can Exert on Your opponent Wrist.
    Professional Arm Wrestlers are So Strong that They Can Break a Nut With Their Fingers
    So Training them will Definitely Pay off Well
  2. Bicep Curls:
    Bicep Curls is the Most Basic Exercise When it Comes to Training For Arm Wrestling. Bicep Curls Will Increase Your Bicep Size and Your Strength Overall.
    No Matter What You Do to Train Arm Wrestling, Arm Wrestling Drills For Beginners Will Definitely Have Bice Curls in it.
    The Only Difference Will Be Intensity.
  3. Squats:
    It May Seem Nonsense. But Training Your Leg is a Crucial Part of Your Whole Training. At the End of the Day, You Gotta Stand Up For The Match.
    Moreover, Professional Arm Wrestlers Use the Momentum Generated Due to the Motion of the Legs to Over Power their Opponent.
    Most of the Newbies Avoid Training their Legs and in the End Face Difficulties.
  4. Ab Crunches:
    Ab Crunches Will Make Your Core a Little Bit Stronger. Ab Crunches Will Also Keep Your Weight in Check.
    The Last thing You Want is You Gaining Fat.
  5. Hand Stand Push-ups:
    Maybe You Can Do Hand Stand Push-ups or Maybe You can’t. The Point is Hand Stand Pushups will Build Your Shoulders.
    Moreover, Handstand Push-ups Will Build Your Triceps too.
  6. One Arm Hang:
    One Arm Hang Will Increase Your Grip Strength not only that It Will Increase Your Tendon Strength.
    Both of them is Crucial to the Overall Strength of Your Arm.
  7. Pull-ups:
    I Know You Know that You Gotta Perform Pull-ups. This is the Most Basic and the Most Important of the Exercise.
    No Matter What You are Training For Pull-ups are a Must.
  8. One Arm Push-ups
    I know You can’t Do them Cause You are Beginner. But If You want to Train For Arm Wrestling You Gotta Train For one Arm Push-ups.
    One Arm Push-ups Will Increase Your Tricep Strength, Increase Your Core Stability and Much More
  9. More Bicep Curls:
    You Have To Do More Bicep Curls In Order to End the Drill
    Bicep Curls are Crucial to Your Overall Strength. No Matter What You Do, If You are Not Performing Bicep Curls Then Your Overall Strength will Always Be Less.
    What is The Intensity For these Drills?
  10. Doing Finger Push-ups:
    Do 20 Plus Finger Push-ups. Finger Push-up is one of the best ways to increase your finger strength without using any equipment
  11. Bicep Curls:
    Do 1 Set of 15-20 Repetition Maximum But Keep the Weight Little Bit Higher. Moreover, Gradually increase the weight if you want to enhance your progress
  12. Squats:
    Perform Squats With At Least 20 Kg On. Squats are Must Cause Leg Strength is Crucial to Your Overall Performance. I know you want to Focus on Your arms But Skinny Legs Will Not Make You Look Great
  13. Ab Crunches:
    Perform 40-60 Crunches in a row. Do Around 100-200 Ab Crunches In Total. Just Break Em into Smaller Sets to Optimize Growth. Good Abs are a Must
  14. Hand Stand Push-ups:
    Do At Least 10 -12 Push-ups. Hand Stand Push-ups Will Build Up Your Shoulders. Moreover, They Will Enhance Your Balance and Confident Level
  15. One Arm Hang:
    Hand For Around 10-25 Seconds. Doing One Arm Hangs Will increase Your Ligaments and Tendon Strength
  16. Pull-ups
    Do around 15 or More Push-ups in a Row. Pull-ups is the Most Basic Exercises It Doesn’t Matter What Type of Competition You are in Doing Pull-ups Will Definitely Help
  17. One Arm Push-ups
    Do at Least 10. For Beginners Doing Even one Push-up is Tough But You Have to Do at Least 10.
    You Don’t Have to Do them in Row
  18. More Bicep Curls:
    Perform Some More Bicep Curls But With More Weight and Lesser Repition.

How Many Times Should I Perform This Whole Drill?

For Proper Training, You Should Perform All of the Drills at Least 3 Times.
Take as Much Rest You Need But Make Sure to Perform Every Single Exercise.

If You Have Any Doubt Just Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You.
Stay Strong, Stay Hungry


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