20+ Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day

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I started using affirmation a few years ago after reading a book written by Earl Nightingale, The strangest secret.

In this book, he mentioned a sentence, “Ask and it shall be giveth, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you” which even after years, I still use in times of uncertainty.

I like repeating this sentence, in my mind every time an opportunity presents itself, and I start imagining the good thing it can bring.

I use this sentence to convince myself that good things can happen to me if I ask for them. And sometimes I use it to stop thinking about how I can fail every step of my way.

This simple sentence, on numerous occasions, helped me in doing things I never even imagined myself doing.

The actions I took out of my comfort zone did not always go the way I imagined. But at the end of the day, I felt satisfied with my unexpected actions and results.

That’s how affirmations helped me! I didn’t start levitating, nor I started reaching my goals without taking action.

All it did is, It helped me in being more comfortable with myself, in moving the direction I always wanted to, and stop fearing my wild imagination.

Earl Nightingale, In his book, The Strangest Secret, explains the power of thoughts and vision, How the only thing we can control is our thoughts. And how that’s the only thing we need to control, to make anything we want happen.

Because our thoughts control our actions, and realistically, actions are all we need to take for a much brighter future.

In this article, I am going to provide you with 20+ affirmations you can tell yourself every morning to fill your mind with positive thoughts to squeeze every drop of positivity you can out of a day:


I choose to start my day in a calm, relaxed, and tranquil state.

Today, I live in the present & I am confident of the future.

I am worthy enough to tune into the abundant nature of who I can be and what I can create.

I have everything I need to solve any problems that may arise.

Today, I am going to improve at everything I want.

I am growing and I am going at my own pace.

Today, I am going to embody the best version of myself.

I am learning to respect the process when I do not understand it.

I am a magnet for the experiences I most desire.

I am in charge of my own happiness.

I am peaceful, whole, loved, worth, optimistic, content, and free from pain.

Today is an opportunity to grow and learn.


There is something in this world that only I can do. That is why I am here.

When I speak my needs, I receive them abundantly.

I am the architect of my life. I build my own foundation and I choose my own bricks.

I am going to release the stories in my head and forgive myself for believing everything my inner critic has ever said.

I feel positive energy in every cell of my body.

With every breath, I can feel the energy to move forward.

Either today goes according to my plan or it doesn’t, it’s all part of God’s higher plan for me and I’m deeply content with it.

I feel alive, free, and ready for an adventure.

Today, I will live the way I want to.

I am going to take action towards what I want.

Regardless of whatever I experience today, it will add to my wisdom and knowledge.

Problems? What are those? These situations are just experiences I needed to improve at a faster pace.

I Am happy because I choose today to be happy.

Today, I am going to turn my problems into an asset.

Abra ca dabra: I create what I speak.

Here’s a verse I came across while writing this article. I think these few lines sum up the attitude everyone should have while facing their day:


Life is short, days are numbered. So, it’s better we live every single moment the way we want, rather than wasting it on instant gratification.

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Hope these affirmations help you in the moments of uncertainty.

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