35 Weight Loss Tips That are Actually Evidence-Based

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No Matter How You Look at it Losing Weight is Bit of a Challenge These Days Because of the Fact that How Much Effort it requires to Lose Even a Single Pound. Poor Lifestyle is One of the Main Cause of Obesity. So, These Weight Loss Tips are Especially Targeted at Your Lifestyle

Once You Transform Your Lifestyle, Losing Weight will Be a Piece of Cake

But Transforming Your Lifestyle Requires Creation and Sticking With New Habits. Habits Which are Productive and Helps You in Growth

So, In this Article, We Focus on New Habits Which You can Inculcate into Your Life in Order to Make Yourself More Productive and Lose Weight

What You Should Know Before You Start a Weight Loss Journey?

Before You Start Your Weight Loss Journey You Have to Make Sure that You are Healthy and Strong Enough to Follow a Rigorous Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Many a Times, People Follow a Workout Routine Which is Not Compatible With their Health and Well Being

As a result, They Damage Their Body

Injuries Will Hinder Your Overall Growth and Weight Loss Journey

In order to Avoid Possible Injuries, I Would Recommend You To Start Slowly and then Week By Week You can Raise the Intensity of Your Workout

It May Not Be Possible For You to Perform 10 Push-ups in a Set and Do 10 Sets in Beginning But Slowly Day By Day You Will Gain Strength and Experience

Make Sure You Consult Your Doctor Before Starting Your Fitness Journey

In Gym Follow the Advice of Your Trainer to Avoid Injuries and to Perform Exercise in Proper form along with a Proper Diet

Remember Weight Loss is All About Proper Diet Combined with a Proper Workout Routine that Promotes Maximum Fat Mobilization

Is it Possible to Lose Weight?


At First, Losing Even a Pound of Extra Fat Will Take Eternity But if You Stick to with Your Diet then after Some time You Will Be able to See Changes in Your Physique

I Lost Around 19.5 Lbs of Weight in a Month to Get Ready For the Summer

So, Losing Weight is Possible No Matter How You Look at It

I Recommend Taking Picture Every Week, So, That After a Month or So You Can Track Your Progress

Most of the Time, People Lose Faith in themselves that They Really Can Lose Weight But The Truth is Pretty Simple, If You Follow Your Diet and Stick To Your Workout Plan

Then after Some time You Will Definitely Will Be able to Lose Weight

Moreover, You can Also Track Your Progress and Experiment With Various Workout Routine and Diet Plans To Check What Works Best For You

Make Sure that You Don’t Lose Hope and Stick to the Fruitfull End

How Long it Will Take For You to Lose Weight?

weight loss tips

It Will Take Some Time Before You will Be able to Notice Visible Changes in Yourself. Most of the Times People Don’t Even Notice any Change For 10 Days Straight But Trust Me, Every Day You are Losing Weight and Getting More Aesthetic

When I Started Losing Weight, I Used to Take Snaps of Myself Every Day in Order to Make Sure that I am Changing and Trust Me Back then there Was No Difference For Me in Every Snap

But When I Compared Ist Snap with the 10 Snap, I was Completely Shocked to See the Changes in My Whole Physique

Not Only I Lost Weight But I Also Gained Few Pounds of Solid Muscles

So, Don’t Lose Faith Just Give Your All in and Trust Me, You Will Be Awarded Handsomely. It Will Take Around 7-10 Days For Visible Changes

How Much Weight You Will Be able to Lose will Strictly Depend on How Many Tips You Follow. If You Follow the Perfect Diet along with the Workout

You will Lose up to 20 lbs of Weight withing a Month

35 Weight Loss Tips

Losing Weight Involves Proper Balance of Workout and Diet. Without Training Every day Losing Weight is Impossible and If You Don’t Follow a Weight Loss Friendly Diet Plan then Workout is Useless

In Order to Make Sure That You Don’t Gain Additional Weight You Should Make Sure You Follow Your Diet Plan Properly

But Keeping a Close Check on Your Diet is Not Sufficient. You Have to Change Your Sedentary lifestyle to a More Active Lifestyle

Here are 35 Tips that are Actually Evidence-Based

Drink More Water


Water is Life. Drinking Proper amount of Water is More than Necessary to Make Sure that Your Organs Function Properly

Water Detoxifies the Body and Helps You in Hydrating Yourself. But there is One More Benefit Water Has

Drinking-Water Boost Your Metabolism Which in Turns Helps in Weight Loss. Moreover, Drinking Water Half Hour Before a Meal Will Reduce Your Appetite

So, Drink More Water to Lose Weight But Make Sure You Don’t Overdo it

Here’s How Much Water You Should Drink in a Day?

Make Sure You Avoid Unnecessary Sugar

In Order to Gain and Maintain a Healthy Weight, You Should Avoid Added Sugar. Sugar is one of the Main Reason For Obesity in Kids. Not only that Consumption of Sugary Beverages Results in Accumulation of Visceral Fat

Not only that Over Consumption of Sugary Beverages Can Result in Heart Diseases and Acne. So, Make Sure You Avoid Sugar as Much as Possible

Go Vegan


According to Recent Studies, Being Vegan can Help You Lose a Significant Amount of Weight. Being Vegan will Replace All the High Calories Food You Consume with High Fiber Alternatives that are Pretty Low in Calories But Will Make You Feel More Fuller

Moreover, Being Vegan may Have its Side Effect as Cutting Down Few Food Groups in Your Diet May Seem Unhealthy But If You Keep a Care Full Watch on Your Nutrients Consumption

Then Everything is Gone Be Fine

Make Sure You Consume Organic Diet

Organic is Health, It Doesn’t Matter How You Look at It. Most of the Top Athletes in the World Prefer Organic Diet Due to It’s Higher Nutritional Value. According to Some Research, Organic Food is More Nutritional than Conventional food

The Main Reason is Because of Absence of Pesticides and Fertilizers, Plants Boost Their Production of Phytochemicals that Strengthen Their Resistance to Bugs

So, Try Organic For a Change

Avoid Fast Food At all Cost


Consuming Fast Food is one of the Most Prominent Reason of You Gaining Weight. Other Than Gaining Weight Fast Food Has Other Sever Impact on Your Body Which You Barely Know About

An Average American Spent Half their Food Budget on Restaurant Food and This is Depressing

No Doubt about it That Fast Food Tastes Good But What about the Health Issues

  1. Fast Food Results in Acne
  2. Heart Diseases or Strokes
  3. Dental Diseases
  4. Depression
  5. High Cholesterol
  6. Insulin Resistance and Much More

Say No To Drugs, Bye Bye Alcohol

Consuming Alcohol Has it’s Own Severe Impacts on the Body But one of them is Weight Gain. It Results in Weight Gain due to The Fact that it Stops the Body From Burning Fat

It’s a Bit High in Kilojoules and Consumption of Alcohol can Make You Feel Hungrier

According to Recent Studies, Alcohol is Co-related to Weight Gain and If You Want to Lose Weight than I Would Recommend You to Stop the Consumption of Alcohol Right away

No More Fried Food

Fried food Has Higher Calorie content as Compared to other Counter Parts. Due to High-Calorie Content, Consumption of Fried Food Should Be Avoided During Weight Loss.

Consume Vegetables and Fruits More and Less Fried Food. Vegetables and Fruits Have Fewer Calories and Will Make You Feel More Fuller

Make Sure You Sleep Well


You May Not Know this But Sleeping is Very Important When it Comes to Weight Loss. Sleeping Lesser than 7 Hours a Day Will Make You More Hungry Throughout the Day

Moreover, It Will Makes You Feel More Tired and Can Result in Weight Gain according to Recent Studies

Never Eat a Heavy Meal Before Going to Bed

According to Dietitians, You Should Eat Few Hour Before You Go to the Bed. You Should Go to the Bed After 2-3 Hours After a Big Meal. Moreover, You Should Consider Consuming Meal With Lot of Nutrients with Less Energy according to the Recent Studies

Consuming a Majority of Nutrients late in the Evening May Result in Obesity

Consume Food in the Morning Only After a Workout

According to Recent Studies, Workout Done Empty Stomach Burns More Calories as Compared to Workout after a Meal. So, Give a Try to Morning Workout on an Empty Stomach. It will Boost Your Weight Loss

Have a Light Breakfast


When it Comes to Weight Loss, Breakfast Plays a Major Role. Your First Meal of the Day Should Provide You with All the Nutrients That You Need with Less Calories and Make You Feel More Fuller. So, Try Eggs with Bananas, Yogurt, and Smoothies Whatever Keep You, Fuller

Consume More Protein

Protein will Boost Your Metabolism and Will Make You Feel Less Hungry throughout the Day. But You won’t Be able to Lose Weight Unless You Burn More Calories then you Consume. Consuming More Protein will Result in Making You Feel More Fuller

If You Don’t Feel Hungry You will Not Consume Unnecessary Calories

Protein Plays a Major Role in Weight Loss Cause as You Lose Fat, You Will Definitely Build Muscles and Those Muscles Require Protein

Avoid Food with High Calories

Avoiding High-calorie Food Completely is Not Possible and It’s Not Good For Your Health. You Can Consume anything that Has Low Calories in it

Before You consume Anything, Make Sure It Has Low Calories and Then You are Good To Go

Consume Coffee and Tea Regularly


Tea and Coffee will Boost Your Metabolism and in turn Will Promote Weight Loss. You can Consume around Six Cups of Black Tea Every day and You Still Will Be within Healthy Caffeine Intake

Coffee Has Little Bit More Caffeine Than Tea. You can Consume Around 3-5 Cups of Coffee with Maximum intake of 400 milligrams of caffeine

Go For Walks Every day After a Night Meal

Walking after a Dinner is a Good Way to Burn Some Calories and It Will Also Promote Better Digestion. I Personally Like to Take 15-20 Minute Walk with My Partner after Dinner

It’s Relaxing and I Feel Good

Jog Every day For at Least 20 Minutes


Jogging is one of the Best Way to Burn Calories. Jogging on an Empty Stomach is better as It Burns More Calories. You Should Consider Jogging Early in the Morning if You Really Want to Lose Weight

If You are Not Up For a Jog in the Morning then You are Missing Benefits

Make Sure You Do Strength Training at Least 3 Times a Week

Doing Strength Training Three to Four Times a Week will Boost Your Metabolism and Will Promote Weight Loss according to The Recent Studies. Moreover, You Will Be Able to Consume Diet with Higher Protein Content as Compared to Without Strength Training

Do Intermediate Fasting


You can Also Give a Try to Intermittent Fasting. You can Also Try 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Which Involves Fasting For 16 Hour Straight Followed By a Heavy Meal

Intermittent Fasting Has Shown Great Results When it Comes to Weight Loss. Know More about the Intermittent Fasting

But Personally I Avoid Intermittent Fasting Rather I Follow a Low Carb Diet

Follow Keto Diet For Great Results

Keto Diet is Basically Diet which is Low in Carbs, Moderate in Protein and High in Fats. The Diet Works By Depleting the Body of it’s Sugar Reserves

Depletion of Sugar Reserves Results in Burning of Fat For Energy. Molecules Called Ketones are Formed in the Body as Fuel

When the Fat Burn, It Results in Weight Loss

When I Started My Weight Loss Journey, I Tried Different Types of Workout Routines and Diet Plans But Most of them Produced Poor Results

Even After Training Twice Every day and Following a Strict Diet, Results that I was Getting Were Not Worth it

I Came to Know about Keto Diet and Decided to Follow Keto Diet Myself. I Arranged a Keto Diet Plan Tailored to My Needs and Desires

By Having a Tailored Diet Plan Specifically For Myself I Could Verify Its Effectiveness. Moreover, Most of the Diet Plans Never Works Unless they are Tailored Specifically to You

I Truly Believe that True Results Lies in Doing the Same Thing in a Specific Order or in My Case Eating the Same Thing in a Different Quantity

In One Month, I Lost Around 19.5 Lbs of Weight. I Was Suddenly Lean and Aesthetic. I Reached My Summer Goals

When I looked at Myself In the Mirror, I was In the Best Shape of My Life

If You Want Results then I Highly Recommend You to Try Keto Diet. You can hire a dietician to help you with the keto diet. At least this way you will be consuming proper nutrition

If you are like me and you don’t have the time then you can get a keto diet plan from here. With this diet, you will have no problem in counting calories and preparing meals to lose weight

Moreover, The diet will contain proper amount of macronutrients you need every day to avoid nutrient deficiencies

Losing 20+ lbs in a Month By Following Keto Diet along with a Weight loss Friendly Exercises is Easy

You Can’t Change Your Body By Doing things that You Normally Do

Think outside of the box. What You Put in the Body will Directly or Indirectly Affect Your Appearance For good or for worse

Consume Food in Small Amount after Every 2 Hours

Consuming Food in Small Amount After Every 2 Hour Will Make You Feel Fuller Throughout the Day. Moreover, It will Result in Better Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients

Make Sure You Train Everyday

Training Every Day is the Key to Weight Loss. Skipping Your Workout Even For One Day will Have Huge Impact So, Don’t Skip Your Training Even For One Day Cause If You can Do it Ones You will Do it Twice

But If You are Following Keto Diet then Moderate Workout Routine Four Times a Week Enough For Losing Weight

Stick to Your Workout Routine

Once You Start Your Workout Routine Stick with it. It will Take Around 15-20 Days For You to notice any Change So, Don’t Lose Hope and Don’t Complain About It’s Working Unless You Trained For 15 Days Straight

Trust Me, in 15 Days You will Change

Have Faith in Yourself That You Can Lose Weight


Most People When they Start their Weight Loss Journey, In the First Few Days they are Completely Motivated and Do Everything in their Power to Lose Weight. But as the Time Passes By they Lose Patience and Stop Dieting and Exercising

I Just Want You to Know that Losing Weight is Not that Big of a Deal, I Know You can Because Every Human Being is Born with The Capability to Change Himself

Consume More Spicy Food But Not Too Much Spicy

One of the Well-Known Health Benefits of Spicy Food is its to Raise Metabolism. The rise in Metabolism Will Result in Burning of More Calories. Recent Studies Have Shown that Eating Spicy Food Can Raise Your Metabolism By 8 Percent

Consume a Glass of Water Half Hour Before Your Meal


Consumption of Water Before a Meal Makes You Feel More Fuller, as a result, the Amount of Calories You can Intake Drastically Decrease. So, Consuming Water Before Meal Can Restrict You From Consuming More Food

Chew Your Food Properly

Chewing Your Food Properly Will Not Cause Weight Loss But Will Definitely Result in Proper Absorption of Nutrients. Your Aim With Weight Loss is Not Just Avoiding Unnecessary Calories But it Also Focuses on Taking a Well Balanced Diet

Chewing Your Food Properly Helps in Proper Breakdown of Your Food

Make Sure Your Diet Has Higher Quantity of Vegetable and Fruits

Most Vegetables and Fruits are Low in Calories and in Fat But Will Make You Feel Fuller. Moreover, They are Loaded With Fiber and Low in Carbohydrates. Consuming Leafy Greens, Boiled Potatoes, Beans and Soup is a Good way to Fill Your Belly

Avoid Skipping Meals

Most People Try to Lose Fat By Skipping Meals and According to Recent Studies, It’s Not Good For Health. Consuming a Balanced Diet is Much More effective then Skipping Meal. A Well Balanced Diet Allows Your Favorite Junk Food Occasionally

So, Stick to a Well Balanced Diet than Skipping Meals if you are trying to maintain weight. But if you are overweight then you should consume a weight loss friendly diet

Eat Less But Eat Healthily

Eating Healthy is More Beneficial then Eating Junk Food. In Order to Eat Healthily, You Should Consume Fruits and Vegetables With Whole Grains and Low Fat Milk. Drink Water Instead of Sugary Drink. The Aim of a Meal Should Be Proper Nutrients and Low Calorie For Weight loss

Do Yoga Everyday

You May Not Know This But You Can Literally Lose Weight By Doing Yoga Poses Every Day. Not only this The Yoga Poses Will Improve Your Flexibility and Will Help You in Developing an Aesthetic Physique. Not only that Yoga Poses are Easy to Perform

Just Try Yoga For a Change You Will Be Amazed For Sure


Make Sure You Swim For at Least 30 Minutes Every day


Swimming Burns a Lot of Calories No Doubt But Hot Much. A 130-Pounds Person Swimming For One Hour Will Burn Around 400-500 Calories Depending upon His Swimming Pace. Moreover, Your Weight Will Play a Critical Role in Determining How Many Calories Will You Burn

So, Why Not Swim Every day For At Least 30 Minutes and It’s a Good Way to Exercise Your Whole Body

Go out For Mountain Climbing once a Month

Mountain Climbing is a Good Way to Relax and Lose Excess Fat at the Same Time. Climbing Requires a Lot of Effort No Doubt and this Effort Will Result in Burning of a Lot of Excess Fat Before You Know it. But You Should Make Sure Your Safety and Security is Not Compromised


Avoid Sitting at one Place For Longer Period of times

People Used to Think that Their Desk Job is What’s the Cause of Weight Gain But the Recent Studies Have Shown that There is No Correlation Between Sitting and Weight Gain. The Gain in Weight is Due to Lack of Exercises and Poor Diet Choices

But If you Want to Lose Weight Avoid Sitting For too Long at One Place Cause It Will Make You Less Active and can Result in Poor Posture

Eat a Banana in The Morning

There is No Scientific Evidence that Supports that Morning Banana Will Result in Weight Loss But If You Consume a Banana in the Morning You Will Feel Less Hungrier Throughout the Day Which Can Help You in Consuming Less Calories than You Ordinarily Do throughout the Day

So, Why Not Have a Banana in the Morning?

Consume an Apple a Day


Have You Ever Heard of this Phase, An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor away Because that’s What it Literally Does, Apples are Extremely Rich in Antioxidants and Dietary Fiber

Due to Phytonutrients and Antioxidants in Apples, They are Good For Your Heart and Can Help in Reducing Diabetes and Heart Diseases

According to Researches, While Losing Weight Consumption of Fruits and Vegetable is Good For the Health


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A Word From FitnessGained

For Maintaining a Healthy and Fit Body, A Person Needs to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle No Matter What. For Better Quality of Life, these Weight Loss Tips Will Help You Lose Excess Weight as Well as Maintain a Healthy Weight

These Tips are Just Synonym of What a Healthy Life Style Looks Like, Even If You are In Your Top Shape These Weight Loss Tips Will Help You Improve a Little Bit More

P.S. If You Need Help Related to Anything, Feel Free to Contact Me. I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes, R

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