30 Ways to Escape The Friend Zone without Him/Her Realizing it

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I Know You Want Her to Call You But Not as Friend. So, This time I am Gone Help You with Some Ways so that You can Escape the Friendzone But Be Caution This Zone You are in Right Know is Dangerous. Biggest Danger about this Zone that When People try to Escape it Generally It Turns into Hate and Criticism. So we are Gone Provide You with Ways to Escape the Friend Zone without Her/Him Realizing it.

Becoming More than a Friend is a Matter of Great Attraction Between the Two People. If Someone Thinks You of only a Friend than that Means He/She is Not That Much interested in You. So, to Escape the Zone You Just Have To Develop Your Personality in Such a Way

That It Makes Her/Him Wanna Chase You

Wanna Be With You

Let’s Talk about these 30 Ways to Escape the Friend Zone

So, That You Gain Little Bit Momentum in Your Social Life

30 Ways to Escape Friend Zone

These Ways are Simple to Perform, In My Opinion, You Should Use all of Em In order to Become More than Just a Friend. And At the end I Will Provide You With a Golden Rule

1. Take Care of How You Look

Taking Care How People Perceive You Is Very Crucial in this Social World. Moreover, Your Girl Will Care a Lot About How People Perceive You. No Matter Who She/He is, If You Look Attractive Then No Matter What They are interested in You.

Suppose You are Her Friend and You Don’t Meet Her For 1 Straight Month. After 1 Month Your Whole Appearance is Changed. She Will Definitely Want to Know More About You.

2. Become a Better Speaker

Communication is the Number 1 Skill You Should Develop as a Person. No Matter Who You are If You can Speak Smoothly and Properly then Girls or Boys Will Definitely Be Interested in You. It’s Not That Difficult to Develop Your Communication Skill.

Watch This Video To Learn How to Develop This Skill

3. Develop an Interesting Hobby

Know is the Time To Become Interesting, In Order For You to Be Interesting, You Need to Develop a Hobby. So What  It’s Gone Be, In My Opinion, Learn To Play a Musical Instrument or Learn How to Skate Board. You Can also Learn  Adventure Sports in Order to Become More Charismatic.

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4. Take Care of Your Financial Condition

Let’s Accept these Girls are More Interested in You If You are Financially Stable. If You are Broke than There are Not Many Girls Who are Gone Stick Around. It’s Not Like She is a Gold Digger But It’s How We are Wired.

5. Increase Your Social Circle

Talk to People Whom You Normally Don’t Talk By Doing this You will Develop the Necessary Confidence to Talk to People. Doing this Exercise You will appear More Charismatic.

6. Learn How to Sing

Ladies Love a Guy Who Can Sing. If You Can Sing then It’s a Great Quality But If You can’t Then Learn it. It’s Not That Big of a Deal. You Don’t Need to be Bruno But Rather You Just Need to Sing Enough to Look Great.

7. Develop Your Physique

I Don’t Think I Need to Explain this Cause Men With Abs Get Way More Chick then You Think

8. Talk To People Lower Than You in Social Circle Nicely

People Tend to Talk to People With Lower Social Status Badly. If You Wanna Be a Man then Stop Acting Like that. Every Single one of Us is a Human So Treat Everyone Nicely Don’t Act Like You are High and Mighty. Girls and Even Man Don’t Like it. If She Like You Doing This To Other than Break the Relationship.

9. Read More Books

Reading More Will Make You a Better Person. No Doubt it. When You Read More  You Will Appear and Sound More Interesting than Other People. That’s a Good Thing.

10. Buy a New Pet

According to Recent Studies, Having a Pet Makes You More Attractive and Friendly than People Who Don’t Have a Pet. So, In My Opinion, Buy a Dog. You can Buy a Cat But You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Cat out For Walk.

11. Take Care of Your Family

Taking Care of Your Family Will Make You Look More Friendly to Approach and More Socially Stable. Girls tend to Love Those Guys Who Take Care of Their Family.

12. Use Intermittent  Reinforcement

This is Highly Advanced Technique Used By a Lot of People, You Can Use This But it Has Consequences. The Way to Use this Technique is to Give Favour To Your Girl and Periodically Stop Helping Her. This Will Sound Stupid But It’s not.

13. Enhance Your Wardrobe

You are Gone Visit a Lot of Social Settings Where Your Lady Will Be Present So Dress to Impress. Turn Your Wardrobe Inside Out into That of a Gentle Man.

14. Work on Your Posture

You Should Work on Your Posture too. People Will Perceive You on the Basic of Your Posture. No Matter Who You are a Strong posture Will Make You Appear Strong. Every Lady Wants Her Man to Be Strong.

15. Work on Your Confidence

Confidence is the Key To Get Out of the Friend Zone. Confidence is the Crucial Ingredient For You Being Her Boy Friend. In order to Develop Confident You Gotta Work. No Matter What. Here is a Video that Can Help You Gain Confidence

16. Work on The Way you Talk to Her

This is More Like You Have to Talk to Her In Such a Way So that You appear Charming. By Charming Means a Person Who Understands You.

17. Talk to Her/His Friend Nicely

Talking to Her Friends and Appearing Nice to Them Can Be a Game Changer. Make Sure that All of Her Friends Like You and think That You are Cool. This Can Help You By Enlarging Your Image of Her.

18. Smile

Trust Me, Smile is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. By Smiling, You can Appear to Be More Charismatic and Appealing.

19. Have Good Hair

Go to a Hair Dresser Right Know If Your Hair is Not Good Enough. It’s Killing Your Game With Girls.

20. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Taking Care of Yourself is the First thing that a Guy Must Do in Order to Look More Attractive. No one Wants to Be With a Person Who Has a Bad odour and Doesn’t Take Care of Himself.

21. Develop Your Charisma

You can Develop Your Charisma By Number of Ways there are Ton of Articles and Videos out They are For Absolutely Free. You Just Have to put in the Work. Developing the Charisma Will Not Only Help You in Your Social Setting But Will Also Help You in Competitive World.

22. Learn How to Flirt

Learning How to Flirt is Easy But Doing it, In Reality, is two Different Things. I Would Recommend You To Do a Lot of Flirting With a Lot of Girls Before You Approach Her. It Will Boasts Your Confidence.

23. Use a Nice Perfume

Girls are Particularly attracted to Those Guys Who Have a Good Scent. Having a Nice Perfume on You Will Not Hurt You But Rather Will Enhance Your Game.

24. Maintain a Strong Eye Contact

Eye Contact is the Key to Trust. Make Sure that You Practice Maintaining Eye Contact on the Web. Don’t Just Start Staring out of Nowhere. But Learn How to Do it Properly. There are a Lot of Books on it too.

25. Be a Man

If You want to Impress a Lady You Need to Be a Man

26. Be Loyal

Loyalty is the Key to a Great Relation. Loyalty can’t Be Bought or Sold. It Can only Be Gained and Lost. It’s Precious.

27. Understand Her

Try To Understand Her and Her Situation Kindly.

28. If You Go Out on a Date Make Sure You Do Something Exciting

Go on a Roalcoaster Ride With Her or Do Something Crazy That’s What it Means. Trust Me and Share Something Exciting With Her.

29. Give Him/Her a Present

Give Your Girlfriend a Present Each Week. I do it So that Every Week She Thinks about Me.

30. Become a Better Story Teller

Learn How to Tell a Story. It Will Enhances Your Charisma.

PS: If You Need My Help Just Comment Down Below, I am Wiling to Help You Through Whole Procedure absolutely Free.

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