20 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout at Home For Beginners

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In Order to Maintain Your Cardiovascular Health, Cardio Workout Plays an Important Role in Well Being. But In Order to Do Cardio, You Don’t Need to Spend Hours at the Gym Rather You Can Just Perform the Cardio Exercises at Home

Cardio Exercises can Help You in Burning Calories and is a Good Way to Maintain a Healthy Weight

But Performing Cardio is Not that Easy Since it Burns a Lot of Calories. Performing Even a 20 Minute Cardio Workout Takes a Tremendous Amount of Energy

So, Prepare Yourself For Some Cardio Cause Things are About to Go Little Tough Tonight

Is Cardio Good For Your Health?

Number of Benefits of Cardio is Literally Infinite when it comes to Health and Fitness of a Human Body. Performing Regular Cardio Exercise Is a Good Way to Keep Your Health in Check

Cardio will Improve Your Cardiovascular system, Your Lungs Capacity as Well as Your Confidence and Self Esteem. Regular Cardio will Also Reduce Your Stress Level

Moreover, Cardio Exercises will Burn Extra Calories and Help You in Weight Loss

Why You Should Do Cardio Everyday?

Performing Cardio Exercises Regularly is Not Good For Health But Doing Jogging Everyday is a Good Way to Maintain Your Weight and Keep Yourself Fit

I Personally Noted that If I Jog Regularly The amount of Motivation and Energy I Have throughout the Day is Lot More than When I Skip the Jogging

Moreover, It Keeps My Weight and Health under Check

A Study Has Shown that Regular Jogging is Good For Your Heart and Your Overall Health. Jogging 30 Minutes Everyday is a Good Way to Keep Your Health in Check

Moreover, If Your Health is Your Top Priority then Cardio Exercises 5 Times a Week Combined With Regular 30 Minute Jog is a Good Way to Keep Your Self Mentally Strong and Physically Fit

Benefits of Cardio


I Have Been Doing Cardio For a Long Time Now, Cardio Exercises Combined With Regular Morning Jogs are the Main Reason Why I am Able to Maintain a Proper Weight

But Starting Cardio and Making it Part of My Routine Wasn’t Easy. Trust Me, Cardio Takes More Out of You than any Other Form of Excercise

Here’s a List of Benefits of Cardio Exercises:

  1. The Very First Benefit of Doing Cardio is Confidence. Doing Cardio You Will Get into Your Best Shape. How You Will Look and Feel will Directly Translate into Confidence
  2. Regular Cardio Will Help You Sleep Better
  3. It Will Help You in Burning Calories and Get into Your Best Shape Possible
  4. By Performing Cardio Exercises on a Regular Basis, Your Lungs Capacity Will Increase
  5. It Will Help In Reducing Your Stress Level
  6. Cardio Exercises Will Reduce The Risk of Heart attack, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol
  7. On a Further Note, Regular Cardio Will Improve Your Sex Life

How Many Days in a Week Should I Perform Cardio?

When I Started Training I Tried a Bunch of Training Programs and Schedules. Some Worked and Some Were Just Waste of Time and Money

But I Soon Discovered that Working Hard is Not Enough When it Comes to Physical Fitness, Like Mental Fitness, Physical Fitness is also About Working Smart

So, I Started Working out Smartly and I Decided to Workout Based on Scientific Researches and Experiments

I Inculcated Cardio Exercises into My Workout Routine as Their Were Best For My Health and For Weight Loss. When it Comes to Weight Loss Cardio Exercises Works Wonders

I Started Training For Around 6 Days in a Week with Cardio Exercises and 1 Day Rest But it was Stressful and I Didn’t Get Enough Time to Recover

So, The Best Routine For a Beginner Would Be a 20 Minute Cardio 5 Days a Week and That’s More than Enough

Training 5 Days a Week Will Provide You with 2 Days off For Rest and Recovery

10 Best Cardio Exercises You Can Do at Home

Here are 10 Best Cardio Exercises that I Personally Perform When I am in a Desperate Need of Losing Weight. These Exercises are Effective as Well as Hard at the Same Time

Make Sure that You Perform these Exercises Based on the Workout Routine Down

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are Very Easy to Perform. No Matter Who You Are How Much Extra Weight You Have, You Still Should Be Just Fine Doing Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are Not For Burning Calories But they are Rather For Warming Up the Body So that You can Go and Perform Complex Exercises without Risking Injuries

Here’s a Video Demonstrating How to Perform Jumping Jacks

How to Perform Jumping Jacks?

  1. Stand Upright With Your Legs Together and Your Arms at Your Side
  2. Bend Your Knees and Then Jump into the Air
  3. While Jumping Spread Your Legs and Stretch Your Arm Out
  4. Land With Your Feet With Your Legs Shoulder Width Apart
  5. Jump Again to Go Back to the Starting Position
  6. Repeat the Steps to Perform Multiple Reps

Jump Ropes

jump rope

Jump Rope is one of the Most Effective Cardio Exercise that You Can Perform From the Comfort of Your Home. Rope Jumping For 15 Minutes Can Burn Up to 200-300 Calories

Rope Jumping Burns 25% More Calories Per Minute Then Running

I Personally Perform Jump Rope 5 Times a Week in the Gym. 5 Sets of 2 Minutes are Enough to Burn 100-200 Calories

How to Do Jump Rope?

  1. You Have to Swing the Rope
  2. When it Reaches Near Your Feet Just Jump Up
  3. Repeat the Steps
  4. In the Beginning, it Will Takes Time To Just Perform a Single Rep But You SHould Understand that You Will Not Have a Form of Jump Rope Champion on the First Day
  5. You Have to Take Time and Practice to Improve Your Form


We all Love Burpee Because They Burn a Lot of Calories along with Building Muscles. But the Amount of Motivation Required Just to Perform a Single Rep of Burpee is Tremendous

Performing Burpee For 1 Minute Straight Burns Around 10-20 Calories

An Average Person Perform Around 10-20 Reps in 1 Minute

I Usually Avoid Burpees Cause they Are So Exhausting But If You are Doing Cardio to Lose Weight then You Should Definitely Give a Shot to Burpee

How to Perform a Burpee?

  1. Stand Upright With Your Legs Shoulder Width Apart
  2. Push Your Hip Back and Get Down to Perform a Push-up
  3. As You Complete Your Push-up, Jump Up High As You Can
  4. Land Firmly on Your Feet
  5. Repeat the Steps to Perform Multiple Reps

Jump Squats

Jump Squat is a Combination of a Squat with a Jump to Mark the End of a Rep. Its One of the Basic Cardio Exercise and it Burns a Lot of Calories and can Help in Building Leg Muscles

Performing a Single Rep of Jump Squat Require a Lot of Strength in the Leg Muscles. At the End of a Squat, You Have to Jump as High as You Can

Moreover, Make Sure You Warm Yourself Up Properly Before Performing a Jump Squat to Avoid Muscle Cramps

How to Perform a Jump Squat?

  1. In Order to Perform a Successful Jump Squat, Stand Upright With Your Legs Shoulder Width Apart
  2. Bend Your Knees and Perform a Squat
  3. As You Get up From the Squat Position Jump Up
  4. Land Firmly on the Balls of Your Knees
  5. Repeat the Steps to Perform Another Rep

Jogging in Place

Jogging in Place is Just Like Jogging the Only Difference is that You Have to Perform the Jogging at One Place only. This Exercise is Best If You Want to Warm Your Muscles Up

It’s Not as Effective as Running but Still, It Works Wonders If you Do it properly

When the Whether is Harsh Outside It Doesn’t Me You Shouldn’t Jog, You Can Just Jog For 30 Minutes Straight at One Place to Burn Some Calories


Skaters is a Great Cardio Exercise that Requires You to Move From Side to Side in a Jumping Pattern Shifting Your Weight From Side to Side in order to Create a Skating Stride

The Main Muscles Targeted through this Exercise is Leg Muscles

But it is Considered a Full-Body Cardio Workout as it Targets Glutes Medius too

Lateral Shuffle Taps

Lateral Shuffle Tap is an Exercise that Targets Your Hip Flexors, Calves, Quad, Glutes and Hamstrings. Moreover, it also Works Wonders For Your Abs

This Exercise is More Like Hopping From One Side to Other Side While Keeping Your Core Tight and to Mark end of One Rep You Have to Touch the Ground with one Hand Along the Side of Your Feet

Sit outs

Sit-outs is an Intensive Core Exercise that Can Also Help You with Balance, Flexibility, and Arm Strength. If Executed Properly You can Burn a Lot of Calories along with Building Muscles

Most of the Professional Kick Boxers and MMA Players Perform this Exercise to Gain Endurance For Fighting and To Build Higher Amount of Balance

Proper Execution of this Exercise Also Helps with Lower Back Pain

Bench Runners

Bench Runner is a Cardio Exercise that Focuses on Your Leg Muscles. It Just Like Jogging in Place the Only Difference is that You Have to Touch a Board with Your Feet Every time You Lift it Up

It is a Good Way to Warm Your Body up and Burn Few Extra Calories

How to Perform a Bench Runner?

  1. Get a Dumbell Put it Infront of You
  2. Stand in front of the Dumbell touch your left Foot
  3. As Your Left, Foot Touches the Ground Use Your Right Foot to Touch the Dumbell
  4. Keep on Repeating it For 1 Minute To Complete the Set


Lunges is a Single Leg Body Weight Exercise that Targets Your Hips, Glutes, and Quads. Performing a Singel Rep of Lunges Require a Lot of Strength and Balance

Lunges are Much More Effective Exercise than The Squats For the Legs

Performing 30-50 Reps of Lunges is a Good Way to Boost your Leg Strength

20 Minute Cardio Workout

This is the Cardio Workout I Perform 5 Times a Week When I am Trying to Burn Extra Calories or Get Back in Shape For The Summer

I Perform Cardio in Two Different Ways: First Based on Reps another Way is Based on time

Here’s Cardio Workout Routine Based on Time

  • 1 Minute of Jumping Jacks
  • 1 Minute of Burpees
  • 1 Minute of Bench Runners
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute Lunges
  • 1 Minute of Sit outs
  • 1 Minute of Shuffle Taps
  • 1 Minute of Rest
  • 1 Minute of Jump Squat
  • 1 Minute of Jump Ropes
  • 1 Minute of Bench Runners
  • 1 Minute of Rest
  • 1 Minute of Burpees Again
  • 1 Minute of Lunges Again
  • 1 Minute of Jump Squats
  • 2 Minute of Rest
  • 1 Minute of Skaters
  • 1 Minute of Jump Squats
  • 1 Minute of Sit outs

I Know that This Cardio Workout is Difficult But Slowly You Will Get Used to It

But If You Are Not Able to Perform the Routine Based on time then Perform the Cardio Workout Routine Based on Reps

Cardio Workout Routine Based on Reps

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges Both Side
  • 1 Minute of Bench Runners
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 30 Jump Squats
  • 100 Jump Ropes
  • 20 Lunges
  • 30 Sit outs
  • Rest

Repeat this Workout Routine 2-3 Times to Get the Most out of it

This Workout is Primarily Focused on Building the Strength You Need to Perform the Workout Based on Time


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A Word From Fitness Gained

Cardio Exercises are Good Way to Keep Yourself Physically Fit and Mentally Strong. But Make Sure that You Don’t Over Do things. Most People Perform too Much Cardio

You Should Limit Your Cardio Exercises to 5 Times a Week, 20 Minutes a Day Combined With Morning Jogs of 1 Hour

Anything More than that Will Translate into Excess. But It also Depends Upon How Much Weight You Want to Lose. If You Want to Be Fit For the Summer and You have a Lot of Weight to Lose

Then Workout Routine Based on Time will Help You Lose the Excess Weight Easily

Hope You Lose Weight Fast!

P.S. If You Have Any Doubt Then You can Comment Down Below. I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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