20 Food to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast | 10 Muscle Building Tips

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In order to Build Muscle, Training is Necessary But What’s More Necessary then Training is Nutrition. Most People Focus on Training and Neglect Nutrition Which Severely Effects their Overall Gains. What type of Food You consume Will Determine Your Muscle Growth

That’s Simple Science So, What Should a Newbie Do When it Comes to Building Muscles at Home?

Yes, He Should Train Hard But Also He Should Consume as Much as Healthy Muscle Building Food as Possible cause Without Nutrition Building Muscle is not Possible

When it Comes To Nutrition For Building Muscle, Food With Higher Amount of Protein Should Be Consumed on Everyday Basis

But What can a Newbie Consume to Build Muscle?

Here are 30 of Top Foods For Gaining Lean Muscle While Promoting Weight Loss



Milk is Considered Good For Bones But a Lesser Known Fact is that Milk is Also Good For Muscle Recovery and Muscle Growth. Non-Fat Milk contains approximately 8 gm of Protein and 83 Calories in one cup. Moreover, It is a Good Source of Dietary Calcium and Vitamin D

In order to Gain Muscle, You Have to Consume More Calories as Well as Protein and Adding Milk as a Beverage in Your Muscle Building Diet Plan is a Good Choice


Eggs contain about 6 gm of High-Quality Protein, So High that it is Used as a Standard For Measuring other Foods. Egg are Among the Most Nutritious Food on the Planet. A Single Boiled Egg Contain Vitamin A, B2, B12, B5 and Decent amount of Calcium and Zinc

Eggs are of Prime Importance When it Comes to Muscle Building. Eggs are The Best Natural Source of Protein and Should Be Consumed Every Day

Chicken Breast

Consuming 100 gms of Chicken Breast can Provide You with around 31 gm of Protein around 165 calories and 3.5 gm fat. It’s a Good Source of Lean Protein. Moreover, It’s Tasty and If You are a Vegan then Chicken Breast is out of the Options

Compared to Dark Chicken Meat, Chicken Breast Meat also Contain all the Key Nutrients Like Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Potassium

Moreover, Since It’s Low in Calories and High in Protein It’s a Good Option For People Who Wish to Lose Weight



I Consume Peanuts on a Daily Basic with Milk, I Know it’s Kinda Weird But Since I Like it I am Not Going to Stop it. I Consume Around 40 gms of Peanut With a 250 ml Milk Everyday in The Afternoon Just to Relax. Moreover, I consume Them Raw with Milk

In The USA, They are Rarely Eaten Raw and I Don’t Get it. They Have a Fine Taste. 100 gm of Peanuts Have around 567 calories with 25.8 gm of Protein and 49.2 gm Fats

Peanuts are a Good Source of Protein But they are Also High in Fats


When it comes to Almonds a 28 gm Serving of Almonds Contain 6 gm of Protein and 14 gm of Fat. They are Highly Nutritious and Contain minerals, Vitamin, and Antioxidants. Moreover, They Help With Blood Sugar Control

Almonds are Very Rich in Calories and Nutritients But Consuming Handful of them Every day Doesn’t Result in Weight Gain But Rather Promote Weight Loss


There Has Been a Lot of Controversy Surrounding Soy Beans. They Contain almost around 40% protein and a 20% oil Making them useful in Variety of Ways. But Their Uses and Advantages Hold True only For Non-GMO, So While Buying Soy Products Look For Organic Soy

In My Opinion, Eating Organic Soy Product is Much More Beneficial as Compared to Genetically Modified ones. Moreover, They are tasty

Lean Beef

Lean Beef is Not only Packed with Nutrients But also it’s Just too Good. I Literally Consume Lean Beef Periodically Due to its Taste and Flavor it Leaves in My Mouth. 100 gm of Lean Beef Has Around 26 gm of Protein and Around 250 calories with 15 gm of Fat

In Brief, Lean Beef is a Good and Tasty way to Protein and I Highly Recommend You Consuming Lean Beef From time to Time Not Because of its Nutritional Values But Because of its Taste


Salmon is one of the Tastiest Super food Available on the Planet But I Personally Don’t Consume Salmon Not Because of Any Reason But Because of a Personal Love Toward all Aquatic Life. 4-ounce of Salmon Contains Around 170 calories and around 26 gm Protein

Moreover, According to Most Chefs, it Tastes Good and Literally, Every Dietician Recommend Consuming Salmon. It’s Good For Your Heart Too

Hemp Seed

hemp seed

I can’t Just Elaborate the Health Benefits of Hemp Seed cause there is So Much to Talk about Whether it’s about Heart or Your Overall Health Hemp Seeds can Definitely Help You out a Bit. Not only That they are Cheap. They are Incredibly Nutritious and Have Nutty Flavor

They are Good For Your Heart and Help in Better Digestion. Moreover, 20 gm of Hemp Seed Contain around 6 gm of protein which is literally too much protein


When it comes to Tuna, Then You can Literally consider it a Great Source of High-Quality Protein and Essential Nutrients Like Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin D. Most People Consume Canned Tuna Fish But Make Sure You avoid Eating Tuna Every day Because of it’s Mercury Content

But You can Still Consume Tuna Periodically But make Sure that You Don’t Consume It Regularly. You can Consume it Twice in a Single Week Not More than this.


turkey dinner

Turkey is Tastiest and Most Inexpensive Source of High-Quality Protein and Low Fat with Some Nutrients Like Iron, Zinc, Potassium and B Vitamins. Moreover, Since its a Good Source of Lean Protein with Low Fat, Dietician Recommend Consuming Turkey as a Part of Weight loss Diet

You can Literally Add Turkey in Your Weight Loss Program Diet Plan without any Worry What So Ever. Not only that there are a Lot of Recipes Available online on Cooking Turkey


Do You Know What Makes Shrimp Awesome, The Fact that They are low in Calories and High in Nutrients. Literally 100 gm of Shrimp Contains only 99 calories with 24 gm of Protein and a Lot of Nutrients Like Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium

Moreover, It’s a Tasty way to Lose Fat and Build Muscle But Make Sure You Don’t Consume It More than Twice a Week as Most Seafood Shouldn’t Be Consumed More than twice a Week

Some people Can Easily Consume Seafood More than twice a Week But it’s not Particularly Good if You Suddenly Fill Your Diet Plan With Lot of Seafood


Oats is a Type of Cereal Grains Grown For its Seed. It Has Number of Health Benefits Like It Reduce the Risk of coronary artery Diseases and risk of Colorectal cancer. They are also Rich in Nutrients. One cup of Oats Contain Just 150 Calories But Around 6 gm of Protein

Oats is Rich in Thiamin, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Zinc, and Iron. It’s Good For Diabetic Patients But I Recommend Not Consuming Oat Meal 3 Times a Day

Yes, Following the Oat Meal Diet Plan will Help You Lose Weight But Still Consuming the same thing, again and again, is Not Good For Your Overall Health


spinach LEAF

Spinach is a Leaf Green Flowering Plant Native to Asia. It is Low in calories But is Nutrient Rich Making it Very Healthy. Spinach is a Superfood Due to Its Nutrients and Is Very Good For People With Diabetes

Spinach is Rich in Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. one Cup of Raw Spinach Contain around 0.86 gm of Protein You can Consume Spinach Every Day

Consuming Half a Cup of Spinach Everyday Will Yield a Number of Health Benefits

Sweet Potatoes

When it Comes to Sweet Potatoes, 100 gm of Raw Sweet Potatoes Contain around 86 calories with around 1.6 gm of Protein and 20.1 gm of Carbs Making it Suitable For Daily Consumption if You are trying to Lose Weight as Since they are Low in Calories

Sweet Potatoes are Rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, and Copper. Moreover, They are Rich in Antioxidant


Broccoli is the Only Vegetable Every Dietician Recommend Eating Every day Because of the Fact that It’s Nutrient Rich. It Contains Vitamin A, C, E, B, and K. Not only that it’s High in Calcium. 100 gm of Broccoli Contain Around 2.8 gm of Protein and Around Just 38 Calories

The Nutrients That a Person Gets From Broccoli Make it a Superfood. Consume Broccoli Everyday as It Won’t Effect Your Weight Loss Program

Moreover, It Will Provide You with All The Essential Nutrients



Cheese is a Dairy Product and You can Consume it Raw or You can Consume it After Bit of Cooking But I Prefer it Raw Cause I Just Like it. It Contains Essential Nutrients Like Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin A, and B12.

100 gm of Cheese Contains Around 402 Calories and Around 25 gm of Protein with Around 33 gm of Fat. So, I Don’t Recommend it If You are trying to Lose Weight

But You Can Consume it If Gaining Muscle is Your Top Priority


Pork is The Name Given to The Meat of Domestic Pig. I Personally Don’t Consume Pork But If You Consume Pork then You Should Know that it is Healthy For Your Body. Pork Contain thiamine, Zinc, Vitamin B12, B6, Iron and Phosphorous

100 gm of Pork Contains Around 27 gm of Protein, 242 calories and Around 14 gm of Fat. Try Pork and Let Me Know How Was It!


100 gm of Beans Contain around 347 calories and Around 21 gm of Protein with just 1.2 gm of Fat Making it Best When it Comes to Building Muscle. It Contains Several Important Nutrients and is Rich in Antioxidant

Moreover, It’s Good For Your Heart. A 2016 Study Shows that It Slow the Growth of Colorectal Cancer By Damaging Cancer Cells



Apples are Good For Your Health and I Definitely Know that You Know it. Apple is Nutritious and Are Filled With Antioxidants. They are Good For Your Heart and Promote Weight Loss. In Bref, Consuming one Apple a Day will Be a Wiser Choice

Top 10 Muscle Building Tips Backed By the Science

muscle building tips
  1. Consume a Proper Amount of Protein Each Day: Without Consuming Enough Protein Each Day Building Muscle is Near to Impossible as You are Not Providing the Muscles The Fuel they Need For Growth
  2. Make Sure You Train At Least 3 Times a Weak: Train any less than 3 Times a Weak is Not Gone Help You in Building Muscle No Matter How Hard You Train
  3. Focus on the Volume then Intensity: Volume is the Number of Reps You Perform Whereas Intensity is How Much Weight You Train with. Make Sure the Volume is High and Intensity is Medium
  4. Make Sure You Train with Weights: Cardio Alone will Not Help You in Building Muscles. In order to Build Muscle, You Have to Lift Heavy Weight
  5. Cardio is Good For Weight Loss: If You Need to Lose Weight First then Cardio is a Good Way to Start. Jog Everyday in the Morning For 40 Minutes at Least
  6. Cut Down of Fast Food: Fast Food is the Number one Reason of Obesity and If you Really Want to Build Muscle then You Have to Avoid Fast Food at All Cost
  7. Avoid Sweets or Unnecessary Calorie Intake: Just Like the Fast Food, Sweets Will Add Up Unnecessary Calories to Your Body. So, You Kinda Have to Avoid Them
  8. Drink the Proper Amount of Water: Water is Crucial When it Comes to Muscle Building. High Protein Intake Should be Matched With Water Consumption
  9. Sleep at Least For 7 Hours Each Day: Sleeping For Lesser than 7 Hours Will Affect Your Muscle Growth
  10. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking: Alcohol and Smoking are Bad For Your Health and You Know it. So, this is the Right Time For You to Stop Drinking and Smoking


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A Word From Fitness Gained

Consuming a Proper amount of Protein is Necessary to Build Muscles But it is More Necessary that You Don’t Neglect other Macronutrients in the Process. Protein is Necessary but other Macronutrients are also Necessary

So, While You Intake a Lot of Protein Make Sure you Consume Enough Calories To Support Your Body and Enough Nutrients to Keep Your Body Healthy

At the End of the Day, a Balanced Diet with High Protein Intake is Better that Cutting on Fats for Weight Loss

P.S. If You Have any Doubt You can Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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