20 Amazing Benefits of Potatoes for Skin and Health |10 Potato Juice Benefits

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Potatoes are One of the Healthiest Source of Carbohydrates on the Planet. They are Good For the Skin, Hair and Overall Health. You can Apply Potato Juice on Your Face or You can Drink it in the Morning. It Will Benefit You

Since Potatoes are Packed with Tons of Vitamins and Nutrients they are Good For Your Health. Moreover, They Have 0% Fat

The Benefits this Crop Has Overpower All it’s Side effects

People Used to Think Eating Potatoes on a Regular Basic can Cause Cancer and That’s Not Right

Recent Studies Have Shown an increased risk for renal cell, and endometrial (in particular in never-smokers) and ovarian cancer, but the evidence is limited and inconsistent.

So, Don’t Worry

Just Don’t Over Consume Potatoes Cause Excess of Everything is Bad

Nutritional Profile of Potatoes

Potatoes For skin

If You Consider Potatoes, They are Kinda Low in Calories. A Small Medium Sized Potato Will Contain Approximately around 110 Calorie. They Contain 0% Fat. Potatoes are Quite Rich in Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium

Potatoes also Contain Protein, Sodium, Little Bit of Sugar and Dietary Fibre

Potatoes are Quite Rich in Carbohydrates

Since Potatoes Quite Vitamin C, Vitamin C in Potatoes act as an Antioxidant. According to The National Institute of Health, These Type of Substances in Potatoes can Prevent or Delay Cell Damage

So, If we Consider a Medium Sized Potato Serving of 100 gm .


  • Vitamin A: 0%
  • Vitamin C : 32%
  • Calcium : 1%
  • Iron: 4%
  • Vitamin D : 0%
  • Vitamin B-6: 15%
  • Cobalamin: 0%
  • Magnesium: 5%
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Sodium: 6 mg
  • Potassium: 421 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 17 gm
  • Fat: 0.1 gm

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Different Types of Potatoes

Potatoes For skin

You May Be Amazed By the Variety of this Crop, Literally, this Crop Has a Number of Types. There are Very Well over 100 Types of potatoes Sold Here in the USA. But all these types Have Few Common Trait Which Makes it Easy For us To Categorize them

All the Types of Potatoes can Be Categorized into 7 Major Types

Russet Potatoes: These are Probably the Most Common Form of Potatoes and I am Pretty Sure that You Have Consumed these potatoes at least ones in your Life. They are Brown in color with Netted Skin and Fluffy Texture

Red Potatoes: Red Potatoes are Waxy in Texture Which is Due to the Cells which Stay Together when Cooked. The Skin of Red Potatoes Contain 3-4 Times More Antioxidant as Compared to White Potatoes

White Potatoes: These Potatoes Have Thin Golden Skin with Yellow and Whitish Flesh. Just Like Red Potatoe, they are Waxy in Texture. They are All Rounder Because You Can Consume Them after Boiling them or Roasting them

Yellow Potatoes: Yellow Potatoes are Called Yellow Potatoes Cause their Skin Color Varies From Pale Yellow to Golden Yellow. Their Flesh Has a Buttery Flavor and these Yellow Potatoes Have Quite Fe Types Like Yellow Fin or Yukon Gold

Purple Potatoes: These Potatoes are Literally Purple in Color, Their Purple Color is Due to a Pigment Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin also acts as Antioxidant. All types of Potatoes are Rich in Potassium But Extra Antioxidant in these Purple Ones Make them even Better than Other Potato Varieties

Fingerling Potatoes: These are Waxy, Thin Skin Potatoes from the Andes. They have Creamy Flesh, Thin and buttery Skin with a Subtle Sweet Flavor. I Personally Like this Type of Potatoes More than other Varieties

Petite Potatoes: Petite Potatoes are Also Called Creamers. They are Small in Size and with Same Skin and Flesh Color as Russet Potatoes. Moreover, Their Texture and Flavor is Also Bit Similar to the Russet Potatoes

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Potatoes for Skin, Hair, and Health

Potatoes For skin

Potatoes are Very Rich in Nutrients. Whether You Consume it Or Apply it over Your Skin, The Fact Remains the Same. Here are 20 Amazing Benefits

  1. Consuming Potatoes Will Help You By Lowering Your Blood Pressure, Which in Turn Will Improve Your Cardiovascular System
  2. Potatoes Don’t contain Cholesterol Making them Consumable for People with high Cholesterol
  3. Potatoes Contain Vitamin C, People With Vitamin C Deficiency Should Consume Potatoes on a regular basis
  4. Potatoes Improve Brain Health
  5. Potatoes contain Vitamin C Which Helps in Production of Collagen
  6. Potatoes Promote Digestion
  7. They Help in Preventing Ulcer
  8. Consuming them Will Help You With Bone Strength as They Contain Magnesium and Potassium
  9. Potatoes Will Boost Your Overall Immunity
  10. Since Potatoes Contain Negligible Fat, Consuming them Will Not Effect Your Weight Loss Program But I Recommend Not consuming Fried Potatoes
  11. They Will Help You with Wrinkles
  12. Applying Potato Mask on Your Face Will Help You With Acne and Sunburn
  13. Potato Face Mask Will Help You with a Healthy Face Glow
  14. The Potassium in Potatoes act as Muscle Relaxant, Which Will Aid Good Night Sleep
  15. Potatoes Will Help You In Treating Scurvy
  16. Potatoes Will Help You in Treating Kidney Stones
  17. Applying Potaotes on Your Face Will Remove Dark Circles
  18. You Can Use Potato Use on Your Hair to Prevent Hair Loss
  19. Applying Potato Face Mask will Help You in Removing Dead Skin Cells
  20. Potatoes Can Help You in Detoxifying Liver

10 Ways To Use Potato As A Beauty Product

Potatoes as Beauty Product

Potato Juice can Be Applied on Your Face to Heal Wrinkles and Sunburns. Moreover, You can Directly Apply Potato Raw. Just Grate it Fine Enough So, that You can Apply it on Your Face. Leave it on Your Skin For 10-15 Minutes and Then Wash Your Face

Here are 10 Ways You can Use Potato as a Beauty Product

  1. You can Apply Potato on Your Dark Circles to Get Rid of them. Just Peal the Potato, Grate it Finely as Possible and Apply it on Your Dark Circles. Leave it There For 10 Minutes
  2. You can Use Slice of Potato Just Like Cucumber as Depuffer. Just Make Sure You Keep Slices of Potato in Your Fridge
  3. If You are Suffering From Wrinkles, Just Squeeze Some Lemons and Potato, Making a Liquid Mixture of Potato and Lemon and Apply it on Your Wrinkles
  4. Not Many People Know that But Potato Juice is Good For Treating Acne. Just Apply Potato Juice on Your Face and Your Acne and Acne Scars will Be Cured
  5. You can Exfoliate Your Skin With Raw Potato and Lemons. Just Grate Potato as Finely as Possible and Mix it with lemon and Apply it Over Your Face. Make Sure You Don’t Apply it over Your Eyes. Leave it There For 30 Minutes and then Wash it With Water
  6. You can Apply Mixture of Rose Water and Potato Juice on Your Face to Treat Hyper Pigmentation
  7. Need a Glowing Skin, Apply Egg and Potato Juice Mask. You Just Have to Mix Egg with Potato Juice and Apply it on Your Face and Leve it There For 15 Minutes
  8. Need a Way to Treat Your Sun Burn, Just Apply Potato on Your Face
  9. You Can Also Use Potato on Your Hair to Moisturize Your Hair. Combine 3 Tbsp potato juice, 2 Tbsp aloe vera gel, and 1 Tbsp honey. Apply it on Your Scalp
  10. If You want to make Your Grey Hair shiny then You can boil about five potatoes, peels and all, for about an hour. Take the potatoes out, save the water, and rinse your hair with it. 

10 Amazing Potato Juice Benefits

Potatoes Juice Benefit

Other Than Being Rich in Carbohydrates and Low in Fat Potato Juice has Literally a Lot of Crazy Health Benefits. Here’s a List of top 10 Benefits of Potato Juice

  1. Since Potatoes are Rich in Antioxidants, Research Has Shown that Consuming Potato Juice can Help in Moisturizing Your Skin and Helps in Delivering Antioxidants to the Skin Making You Look Younger
  2. Since the Potato Juice is Rich in Sugar as Since natural Sugar is Found in Potatoes, It Makes Potato Juice an Excellent Energy Booster Not only that Potato Juice Contains a Hight Level of Thiamine Which Makes Potato Juice Even More Amazing
  3. Potato Juice Starch Which Can Help You in Solving Your Digestive Problems. Potato Juice Promotes Healthy Digestion
  4. Potato Juice Has Slightly Alkaline pH and Has Well Known Antacid Properties. These Antacid Properties Helps in balancing the Acidity in the Guts which Treats Gastric Ulcers
  5. Potato Juice Contains a Lot of Potassium, Which Makes Them Good For Your Cardiovascular System. Starting Your Day with a Potato Juice is a Great Way to Boost Your Hearts Health
  6. Potato Juice is Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C Which Makes Them Great For Your Immune System. Drinking Potato Juice can Boost Your Overall Immunity By Stimulating the Production of White Blood Cells
  7. Vitamin C in Potato also Makes Them Good When it Comes to Production of Collagen. Potato Juice Speeds up Wound Healing
  8. Potato Juice Contain High Levels of Niacin which stimulates Circulation. In Brief, Niacin Results in Better Oxygenation in Various Parts of Your Body
  9. Consuming Potato Juice Will Improve Your Overall Health and Well Being as it Helps in Boasting Performance of Your Liver and Kidney
  10. Potato Juice will Help in Balancing your Overall Health and Hormones Production

Are potatoes good for skin?

Potatoes are Great For Your Health as Well as Your Skin. You can Eat Potatoes to Gain Essential Vitamins and Nutrients. Moreover, You can Also Apply Potato on Your Face. Just Grate Potato as Finely as Possible and Apply it on Your Skin

You can Also Consume or Apply Potato Juice. Applying Potato Juice on Your Face will Cure Pimples and Treat Acne Scars

Just Apply Potato Juice on Your Face and Leave it For 20 Minutes, After 20 Minutes Clean Your Face with Water

Can Potato be used to lighten skin?

Potato Juice act as Natural Skin Lightener. Due to Their Skin Lightening Properties, Applying it on Your Face is a Good way to Treat Acne and Gain a Healthy Skin Glow

Rubbing Raw Potato on Your Face won’t Lighten Your Skin Color But Rather it will Get Rid of Tan Due to Sun and Provide You with Healthy Skin Glow

It will Help You with Acne and Acne Scars and Hyper Pigmentation

Is Potato good for acne?


Potato Face Mask or Facial Can Help You in Treating Acne and Dark Spots. Potato Juice is Also Good For Your Skin as it Contains High Level of Antioxidants Which Helps in Moisturizing Your Skin. Applying Potato Mask on Face is a Good Way to Treat Acne and Dark Spot

But Consuming Potato Chips is not Good. Potatoes are One of the Most Healthiest Natural Carbohydrate Source on The Planet

Potatoes can Help You in Removing Acne Scars Due to Their Skin Lightening Properties But You Have to Make Sure that You Don’t Over Use Potato Face Mask As it Will Result in Skin Drying

Moreover, You Can also apply Raw Potato on Your Face. It Will also Remove Hyper Pigmentation. Your Skin Will Appear More Bright and Prevent Wrinkles

Can I sleep with potato juice on my face?

Yes, You Definitely can Sleep with Potato Juice on Your Face. I apply Potato Juice on My Face, Hands and My Neck to Deal with Sunburn and Acne. Applying it Overnight Will Lighten Your Skin and Also Help You with the Acne

You can Also Add Few Drops of Lemon Juice in the Potato Juice and Apply the Mixture overnight

Trust Me, It Works Like a Charm

Can we use Potato juice daily on the Face?

Potato Juice Has Bleaching Properties. Applying it Daily or Making it a Part of Your Beauty Routine is advisable. Due to Its Skin Lightening Properties, Applying it Regularly Will Help You in Dealing with Acne and Acne Scar

Potato Juice will Help You in Gaining a Bright Healthy Glow and Make Your Skin More Soft

You can Apply Potato Juice on Your Face or You can Also Use Raw Potato on Your Skin. You Just have to Grate Raw Potato Pulp as Finely as Possible and Apply it on Your Face

Leave it on Your Face For around 15-20 Minutes. After 20 Minute Wash Your Face with a Solution of Water and Vinegar

Does Potato Juice remove dark spots on face?

Just Like Lemon Juice, Potato Juice is a Natural Skin Lightener and Literally Fades away the Dark Spots on the Face. Applying Potato Juice is a Great Way to Repair Scars and Dark Spots. Potato Contains a Number of Nutrients and Vitamins Including Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Potassium, etc

Due to Richness of Nutrients and Accessibility, Potato is also Considered as Superfood

For Removing Dark Spots, Apply Potato Juice Mixed with Yogurt and Apply it on the Skin. Wait For Around 15 Minutes and then Rinse Your Face with Clean Water

You Will Immediately Notice Change in Your Skin. Your Skin Will Appear More Bright, Tight and Well Moisturized

Side Effects of Potatoes

You May Be thinking Now about all the Possible Cons of Consuming Potatoes Cause Apparently Consuming Potato Chips is Supposed to Be Bad. Applying Potato on the Skin Deals with Acne But it Also Makes Your skin Dry. So, Here are Few Side Effects of Potatoes

  1. A Study Revealed that Consuming Potatoes More than 4 Times a Week can Result in High Blood Pressure apparently
  2. Applying Potato Juice on Your Face will Help You with Acne But Overusing it Can Dry Your Skin. So, You Have to Make Sure that You Use it In Proper Quantity

Anything You Use or Consume Will Have Side Effects if you Overuse It. You Kinda Have to Know When to Draw a Line


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A Word From Fitness Gained

Everything You Consume or Apply Will Have Pros and Cons. The Pros and Cons Depend Upon How Much You use it. Applying Potato Mask on Your face will Help You with Pimples and Consuming Potato Juice has it’s own Health Benefits

Potatoes are One of the Most Healthiest Source of Natural Carbohydrates. So, Enjoy them as Much as You can. Moreover, their are Quite a Few Types to Pick

P.S. If You have any type of Question You Can Ask Me Directly By Commenting Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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