18 Health Benefits of Vitamin A, According to Science

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Vitamin A is Important For the Proper Functioning of Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, Eyes as Well as Your Immunity. With Limitless Benefits of Vitamin A to Harmful Effect due to Over intake, This Fat Soluble Solid is Some What Misunderstood Nutrient

It’s Very Important For Maintenance of Your Skin, Teeth, Bones, Soft Tissues, White Blood Cells, and the Immune System

You Have to Consume in Proper Amount or You can Suffer From Dry Skin, Acne, Poor Wound Healing, Night Blindness, as Well an Infertility

So, To Make Sure You Take the Appropriate Intake You Should Consume Food Which Has Higher Level of vitamin A to Fight Your Vitamin A Deficiency

Here’s a Brief Article Focusing on Benefits of Vitamin A and How to Avoid it’s Deficiency

Why We Need Vitamin A?

benefits of vitamin a

Vitamin A is a Fat Soluble Solid Which is Present in Many Foods and is Important For Normal Vision. The Immune System and Reproduction. Vitamin A Helps in The Proper Functioning of Many Vital Organs Like Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, etc

So, In Brief Without Vitamin A Functioning of these Vital Organs Will Be Compromised and this is why We Need Vitamin A, According to the Science

Vitamin A Dosage

The Amount of Vitamin Intake Depends Upon Your Age and Reproductive Status. People Aged 14 and Older Should Take around 700 and 900 micrograms (mcg) of Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE) per Day. Recommended Intake For Women Who are Nursing Range Between 1,200 and 1,300 RAE

Infants and Children Younger than 14 Should Intake 900 RAE

U.S Food and Drug Administration Has Established a Daily Value(DV) of 5000 IU of Vitamin A Intake From a Varied Diet of Plants and Animal Foods For Adults and Children Aged 4 Years and older

Children Aged 14 Years and Older 700 to 900 micrograms (mcg) per Day

Women Who are Nursing 1,200 to 1,300 RAE

Infants and Children Younger than 14 900 RAE

How To Know If You Have a Deficiency of Vitamin A?

Boy Wearing eye wear due to poor vision

Vitamin A Deficiency is Rare Cause Vitamin A is Available in Dietary Supplements and Most People in the United States Get Enough vitamin From the Food they Eat on Daily Basics

But their Have Been Cases of Vitamin A Deficiency as Certain Groups have Vitamin A Due to their Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Premature Infants Have Lower Level of Vitamin A in their First Year. Moreover, Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Women in Developing Countries Also Have Vitamin A Deficiency

So, Here are Few Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency

  1. Vitamin A is Important for Creation and Repair of Skin Cells. Deficiency of Vitamin A Most Likely Results in Dry Skin.
  2. Deficiency of Vitamin A Results in a Number of Eye Problems. If You are Suffering From Dry Eyes then You Definitely Have Vitamin A Deficiency
  3. Another Eye Problem Due to Vitamin A Deficiency is Night Blindness. In Sever Deficiency of Vitamin A, A Person Can Suffer From Night Blindness
  4. Vitamin A Affects Reproductive Health of a Person. Deficiency of Vitamin A can Lead to Infertility in Both Men and Women
  5. Vitamin A is Important For Proper Development of a Human Body. Children Who Do Not Get Enough Vitamin A May Face Stunned Growth
  6. If You are Facing Trouble in Healing of Your Wounds Then It May Be Linked to Vitamin A Deficiency
  7. Vitamin A Necessary For Skin Development So, Deficiency of Vitamin Can Result in Acne Breakout

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is Not Just a Fat Soluble Solid Which is Present in Food For Consumption But It Has More Typical Functions and Uses When it Comes to Human Body. Vitamin A Maintains the Growth and Development of The Immune System and Normal Vision

Here are 20 Benefits of Vitamin A With Respect to Human Body

Protect Your Eyes From Night Blindness

The First Sign of Vitamin A Deficiency is Night Blindness. People Who Suffer From Night Blindness Cannot See Well in the Dark. They Can See Normally only When Enough Light is Present. As the Vitamin A Deficiency Worsen Vision is More and More Affected

Since the Deficiency of Vitamin A in Blood and Tissues is the Main Cause of this Problem. Proper Diet Which Can Fight Your Vitamin A Deficiency can Help in Curing Night Blindness

Reduce the Pace of Decline in Vision Due to Age

Vitamin A Plays a Major Role in Maintainance of Growth and Development of the Normal Vision, as a Result, its Deficiency Can Result in a Number of Eye But the Inverse is also true. With Age, Your Vision Will be Affected.

But with a Proper Healthy Dosage of Vitamin A, The Pace at Which Your Vision is Declining in the old Age will Decrease

Not only that Proper Intake of Vitamin A can Help in Curing a Number of Eye Problems Like Night Blindness, Dry Eyes, etc

Cure Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes is another Eye Problem Caused Due to Deficiency of Vitamin A. Most of the Deficiency of Vitamin A is Seen in Developing Nation. But there is a Solution, Studies Have Shown that Vitamin A Eye Drops are Very Effective For the Treatment of Dry Eyes

Vitamin A Eye Drops are Very Effective Against Treatment of Specific type of Eye Inflammation called Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis and Dry Eyes

Lowers the Risk of certain Cancer

Vitamin A Supplements in the Form of Retinol or Beta-carotene Have Not Shown any Sign of Lowering any Caner Risk and Moreover, Higher Dosage of Vitamin A can Be Toxic But People Who Consume Food Containing Beta-carotene Might Have a Lower Risk of Certain Cancers

Such as Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer, But There is No Evidence available till Date Confirming that Vitamin A Supplements can Help Prevent Cancer

Improve Immunity


Vitamin A Plays a Critical Function in Enhancing the Immune Function. According to the Studies, Vitamin A Plays a Role in Development of Immune System and Plays a Regulatory Role in Humoral Immune Processes and Cellular Immune Responses

Moreover, Vitamin A Has Shown a Therapeutic Effect in Treatment of Various Infectious Diseases

Minimize the Risk of Acne

Acne is Worst of the Worst. Seriously I Suffered From Acne From Time to Time and What it Does to My Face is Beyond Acceptable. A Persons Whole Appearance is Affected If He Has Acne on His Face. Since Vitamin A is an Antioxidant

It Helps in Fighting Inflammation and Free Radicals in the Skin Which is main Cause of Acne. Most People Can Get Enough Vitamin A From the Diet But Some People Need Little Bit More

Promotes Strong Bones

anatomical bone structure

For Strong Bones, You Need two Important Nutrients, Calcium and Vitamin D, In spite that Vitamin A is Needed For Strong bones as It Affects the Bone Density in a Much More Complex Way than Normal. Studies Have Shown that Retinoic Acid Which is Made From Vitamin A By the Body

Stimulates osteoclasts but suppresses osteoblasts. Even a Small Amount of Deficiency of Vitamin A can Result in Increased Likelihood of Fractures

Promotes Healthy Reproductive Health

Vitamin A is Very Important When it Comes to Reproduction. Reproductive Health of a Person is Significantly Affected By His/Her Vitamin Intake. Vitamin A is Also Linked With Embryonic Development. According to The Studies, In Men Vitamin A Affects The Development of Sperm

Deficiency of Vitamin A can Block the Development of Sperm Cells Causing Infertility in Men Moreover, Vitamin A is Linked with Proper Embryonic Development

Good For Your Skin

Vitamin A is an Antioxidant it Helps in Fighting Inflammation and Free Radicals in the Skin Which Affects Acne and Skin Tone. A Person with Vitamin A Deficiency Will Suffer From Acne No Doubt But Proper Dosage of Vitamin A is Required For Maintaining a Healthy Skin

Moreover, If You are Not Sure Whether You are Facing Vitamin A Deficiency or Not Then Just Scroll Up.

Muscle Growth

Vitamin A is Considered one of the Forgotten Bodybuilding Nutrient. A Number of Studies Suggest the Important of Vitamin a For the Production of Testosterone Which is one of the Ways How Vitamin A affects Muscle Growth

There are Other Ways How Vitamin A Helps in Muscle Growth, It Helps in Proper Utilization of Protein and Without it, Building Muscles would Be Impossible

Promotes Wound Healing

wound healing

Vitamin A tends to Suppress Fibroblasts in Cell Culture and Stimulate Steroid-treated Macrophages to Initiate Reparative Behavior in Tissue

Moreover, According to the Studies, Retinoids are Particularly Important in Macrophagic Inflammation, This Plays an Important Role in Wound Healing

Slows Aging

According to Studies, Vitamin A Helps with the Wrinkles Caused Due to Ageing and Helps in Maintaining Healthy Skin. Moreover, Vitamin A Fight Free Radical and Rogue Cells That Results in Diseases and Wrinkles

Vitamin A is an Antioxidant. Vitamin A increases Collagen and Reduce Fine Lines. In Brief, Vitamin A is Necessary For Maintainance of Healthy Skin and Slow the Signs of Ageing

Heart Health

A New Study Has Suggested that the Heart is able to Respond to Vitamin A and How Much Vitamin A is Consumed by a Person. But the Effects of Consumption of Vitamin A is Unclear. It will Take a Time Before The Research is Complete

But One thing is Clear Vitamin A affects the Heart Health and Controls other Bodily Function in Unique Ways. Consuming Proper Daily Dosage is Recommended

Lowers the Risk of Measles

Deficiency of Vitamin A is the Leading Cause of Measles. Vitamin A Plays a Major Role in Immune Modulation. According to the World Health Organization, They Recommend administration of an oral dose 200,000 IU of Vitamin A Per Day For Two Days For Children with Measles

It is Worth Noting that Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause a Number of Health Issues Both in adults and Infant So, Maintaining a Proper Diet with Necessary Nutrition is Necessary

Influential Role in Healthy Brain Functions

Brain Function

Studies Have Shown that Vitamin A to Some Extent Influence Brain Function of a Human Being. Since Vitamins are Not Produced inside the Body their Consumption Effects Every Part of a Human Body Depending Upon the Dosage

For Normal Growth and Development of Babies in the Womb

Vitamin A Has a Bad Reputation When it Comes to Pregnancy, As Higher Dosage of Vitamin A can Be toxic and Can Result in Birth Defects But only When Consumed in Higher Dosages. According to Latest Research, Most Women Don’t Get Enough Vitamin A Needed

You Have to Make Sure that You consume Proper Dosage of Vitamin A as It’s Necessary for Your Overall Health

Protect Your Eyes From Various Eye Diseases

The Most Prominent Benefit of Vitamin A is the Fact that Proper Dosage of it Will Help You in Maintaining a Proper EyeSight and Prevent Various Eye Diseases

For Stronger Teeth

Vitamin A is Necessary For Making and Maintaining Healthy Tooth Enamel So, In order to Maintain Healthy Tooth You Need Vitamin A Along with Vitamin D

Sources of Vitamin A

In order to Meet Vitamin A Requirement You Need to Consume Food Rich in Vitamin A. You can Maintain Your Intake of Vitamin A By Consuming Eggs, Meat, Fortified Milk, etc

So, Here’s a List of Sources You Can Consume on a Daily Basic to Meet Your Vitamin A Needs

  1. Sweet Potatoes Which Have Been Cooked Contain 116% DV in 100 grams
  2. 100 grams of Cooked Kale Contain 98% DV
  3. 100 grams of Cooked Carrot Contain 95% DV
  4. 100 grams of Raw Spinach Contain 52% DV
  5. You Can Consume Fruits Like Mango, Cantaloupe, Pink or Red Grape Fruit, Watermelon, Apricot, etc

How Much is Too Much Vitamin A?

You may Be thinking By Now About Consuming as Much as Vitamin A as Possible But Just Like Other Nutrients Consuming Excess of Vitamin A Can Cause Serious Health Problems

There is an Upper Limit to How Much Vitamin A You Should Consume and You Should Avoid Consuming More than The DV

Consuming too Much Vitamin A can Result in Nausea, Dizziness, Headaches, Coma and Even Death.’

Not only that High Intakes of Vitamin A in Pregnant Women Can Result in Birth Defects in their Babies. Pregnant Women Should Avoid High Dosages of Vitamin A at all Cost

So, Upper Limit For Vitamin A is

  • Infants under 12 Months Maximum Vitamin A Intake 2,000 IU
  • Children Between 1-3 Years Maximum Vitamin A Intake 2,000 IU
  • Children Between 4-8 Years Maximum Vitamin A Intake 3,000 IU
  • Children Between 9-13 Years Maximum Vitamin A Intake 5,667 IU
  • Teenagers Between 14-18 Years Maximum Vitamin A Intake 9,333 IU
  • Adults 19 Years or Older Maximum Vitamin A Intake 10,000 IU

These Levels Do not Apply to Patients Who are taking Vitamin A For Medical Reasons. Moreover, These Limits are According to this Source


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A Word From Fitness Gained

Consuming Food So, that You Don’t Lack Nutrients is Very Important for Overall Well Being. Vitamin A is Necessary For Your Immunity as Well as Reproductive Health. So, Consuming the Proper Amount of Vitamin A is Necessary

With all the Food Sources Listed in the Article, You can Surely Fight Your Deficiency of Vitamin A But Make Sure You Don’t Consume Too Much Vitamin A

P.S. If You Need any Help With the Article, Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

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