15 Ways to Avoid Breakup and Make Your Relationship Stable

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Things are Getting out of Your Hand But Still, You Want to Continue. Here’s How you can Avoid Breakup and Make Your Relationship Stable With Your Lover for Longer Duration of time. Sometimes it’s Tough to Breakup with Someone Whom You Love So, You kind of Don’t Want to Get over it. Maybe It’s Because of Love but Still, You are Not able to Figure out the  Reason for Degrading Emotional contact with the person.

You Feel Like You want to Keep it Going But Since Your Emotions are Not Reaching Him/Her, You Feel Like quitting. You Literally Don’t Know What to Do to Keep it Rigid as it is Falling Apart.

You wish Again and Again that Your Lover Understand You More But It’s Not Happening

What to Do Know?  Is There any Way out of it

The Simple answer is These 15 Ways Which You Should Inculcate in Your Life, In order For You to Understand Your Lover More Effectively as Well as to Understand Your lover Better.

These Ways will Enhance the Overall Understanding of You about Your Lover

Top 15 Ways to Avoid Breakup and Make Your Relationship Stable

So These are My Personal 15 Ways to Keep My Relationship Healthy, Use These 15 Ways and You Will Never Need to Think about Breakup again. These are Mostly Concentrated on Understanding Your Lover Better.

1. Increase Overall Conversation

Do You Know What is The Number one Skill that Human Beings Have Created over the Years, Which Distinguish them From other Animal? It’s Communication, A Healthy Relationship Requires a Lot of Conversation No Matter the Situation. By Talking to Your Partner You can Gain Valuable Insight on How You Can Grow Your Relationship. Moreover, it’s Fun to Talk.

I Will Not Force You to Talk all the Time, But Try to Share What You Did on that Particular Day or What Your Partner is Up to.

By Doing This You Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

2. Keep a Close Check of Your Partner Like’s or Dislike’s

This is The Most Important Thing That You Need to Keep in Check. If You Go on Doing things that Your Partner Dislikes Then You Will Surely Get on His/her Nerves and at Worse Relationship Will Become Weak. Rather You Should Keep a Close Check on What Your Partner Like’s or Dislikes.

This is The Cleverest Way You can use To Show How Much Do You Care For Your Partner.

3. Resist Yourself From Making Accusation

We all Have Been in the Situation When Everything is Literally out of Control and In the Heat of the Fight Both Sides Start Making Accusation Without Even Thinking For a Second Whether This can Harm Your Relation.

You are Better Than This, Make Sure that You Keep Your Calm and Try to Stop Yourself From Making Accusation.

Making Accusation Makes You Seem Somehow Pathetic.

4. Don’t Try to Manipulate Your Partner

You May Not Accept But There are a lot of People Out there Who Try to Control Their Partner. Try to Manipulate Every Decision. This Makes Your Relation a Burden For Your Lover. You Should Try Your Best to Avoid Acting Like a Control Freak.

It Doesn’t Matter If You can’t Control Ever situation in Long Run. What Matter’s is Your Relation.

Here’s an Insight ” Let Him or Her Make Small Decision, You make Big Decision.”

5. Don’t Blame Him/Her For Your Problem

Everyone Got Problems, Me, You, Your Lover, Problems Will Never End No Matter What. Don’t Let These Little or Big Problem Ruin Your Relationship Cause, In the End, Everything You are Doing is For a Great Life With Your Partner. Every Single Problem Seem Big Until You Start Solving It.

So Go For It, Don’t Blame Your Lover For Your Problems, Your Lover Got His/Her Problems

Don’t Blame Anyone

6. Don’t Insult Him/Her, Refrain Yourself From Insulting

After A Certain Stage in Your Relationship, Lover Start Insulting Each other on tiny Little Things. Due to Frustration of course. You Got to Refrain Your self From Insulting Your Partner. Teasing Him/Her a Bit is Acceptable But Insult is Something Else.

Insulting Each other Will Break Your Relationship For Sure

No Matter What

7. Take Time and Tell Your Partner about How Much Your Love Him

Every Single Day Let Your Partner Know How Much You Love Him/Her. Let Them Know What They Mean to You. By Doing This You Will Transform Your Each Day Into Blessing in Disguise. Trust Me. Life is Too Short No Matter What You Do. Each Day is Unique and is a Blessing.

You Got to Preserve it and Let Your Love Know What He/She Means For You?

How Much You Love Em?

8. Be Supportive

Life is a Journey With Peaks of Happiness and Trenches of Sadness. When He/She is at Peak You are With Him/Her. But It’s Your Responsibility to Stick By His Side When He is at his Lowest Trench. Gently Providing Him With Power and Support.

A Supportive Word From Your Love Means a Lot. I Seriously Can Confirm You This.

I Wish My Love Was also a Little Supportive But

When I was in the Trench She Poured Lava on Me.

9. Respect His/Her Decision

Someone Got to Make Decision It’s You are Him/Her. But Sometimes Your Lover Will Make Decision. In that Situation, You Should Respect His/Her Decision. Cause Respect Paid to His Decision is Directly Proportional to Respecting Him/her.

10. Don’t Neglect Yourself

In the Heat of the Relationship Never Underestimate or Neglect Yourself. No matter What You Got to Respect Yourself More than Anyone in this Whole World. Respect Yourself and He/She will Respect You Too. Neglect Yourself and Face the Consequences.

11. Try to Make Him/Her Feel Good about them

Everyone Wants to Stick with Those Who Makes Them Feel Good About Themselves. When Your Lover is With You Make Him/Her Feel the Difference. Make Him/Her Know How Much Important They are and Make Em Happy and Enjoy the Moment Together.

12. Go on Date Often

After Some time, You will Face a Situation When you Will Have Literally no Trip or Date Together. Kindly Avoid that. In order to Maintain a Happy Relationship, You Got to Go on Date’s Frequently at Least 2 Time a Month.

13. Set aside Time For Both of You

Every Day Spend Around 15-30 Minutes Together Doing Nothing, Just Sit Talk Have a champagne together and Try to Figure out Life together By Resting on Each other Side and Slowly Passing time.

14. Discuss Decision That Effect Both of You

If There are Decision that Effects Both of you then Discuss it Don’t Make it all By Yourself Let Your Lover Have a Part in Big Decision too. Moreover, Discussing Decision will Enhance Your Relationship and Will Help You in Figuring Each other out.

15. Never Lie to Your Partner

No Matter the Situation, Never Lie to Your Partner. Cause When You will Get Caught it Will Damage Trust. Once Trust is Broken it Can’t Be Repaired No matter What.

P.S. Keep Your Relationship Healthy By Being Genuine to Each other as Much as Possible. Moreover, LovE Your Lover Like Its Truth.

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