10 Ways to Make Your Loved one to Remember You Even after The Breakup

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After a Long Relationship, You are Just Not Into It You Just Feel Like You Just Have to Stop Living With Him/Her But at the Same time You Have So Many Pleasant Memories With Him/Her You Just Don’t Want Him/Her to Forget it. Now, What Should You Do? You Just Want Your Loved One to Remember You Even After the Breakup. It Does Not Sound Good But Let’s Face it.

We Just Don’t Want our Ex to Forget all About us after the Breakup Rather We Want them to Remember us. I also Don’t Want My Ex to Get over me that Quickly Rather I Want Her to Remember me at the Very Least.

I Have 10 Ways to Make it Happen,

These are My 10 Super Secret ways to Make My Ex Remember me,

10 Ways to Make Your Loved one to Remember Me.

These Ways are Purely Tested By Me and they Work No Matter What. It May Seem Unethical But It’s Just a Piece of Knowledge Which I am Trying to Share With You. You Don’t Necessarily Need to Follow them. They Can Be Useful For You But At the Same time They are Like Information For Only those Who Need it.

If You Don’t Like it You Can Stop Reading it. I Will Not Force You to Use it. You Use it on Your Own term.

1. Gifting them Artifacts or Jewelry

When a Person You Love Gives You a Gift Like an artifact or a Piece of Jewellery to Wear. You Start Building Emotional Connection With the Artifact too. Since it is Given By the Loved one We Take Proper Care of the Artifact at the Same time Start Developing Emotions. It Results in Emotion Linkage to the Artifact.

Every time We See the Artifact We Imagine Our Lover. But When our Relationship Breaks up. The Artifact Become the Symbol of our Love for the Ex. As the Time Passes By the Artifact Makes us Remember Him/her.

2. Having a Particular Secret View Point

Do You Know What it Means? It Means you Search For a Location on this Whole Planet Which is Easily Accessible to You. At the Same time, only a Few People Visit it. Moreover, You Go to the Place Often or Like in Proper Interval Such that Your Lover Develop it into Habit. So that When The Relationship is Broken.

She/He Still Craves For the Trip to that Location. But Since She/He is Not With You. She/He can’t Make it Happen. Moreover, Whenever she/he Will Go to that Place With Someone Else it Will Remind him/her of You.

3. Having a Special Food Liking


First thing First, Find Out What Your Lover Likes the Most and then Master it. Put Everything You Got in order to Master the Recipe Such that You Make it in the Best Way. After that Giver Him/her a Treat of it Once in a While So that Your Lover Understand it Clear that You and only You can Treat Him/Her with that Recipe that Well.

After that When Ever Your Ex-want that Special  Meal He/She Will Think of You Definitely.

4. Favorite Clothing

Gifts are Every Man and Lady Fantasy and If the Gifts are in Some Way Your Lovers Liking then they have a Great Impact on Whether Your Lover Will Remember You after Your Breakup or Not. Think of this Scenario in this Way. If  Your Lover Give You Gift Every Sunday What Will Happen If this Scenario Stops after a Year.

That is After Your Breakup Won’t Your Lover Will Think About Those Gifts or Not.

The Answer is Yes He/She Will Definitely Think about it.

5. Social Media influence

Make Sure that More than half of Your Social Media Following Know about Your Relationship With Your Lover. Under No Circumstances Let Your Lover Avoid Social Media with You. Remember This Perfectly Social Media is a Powerful Tool Even if you Don’t Realise. There is a 98% chance that Your Lover Uses it.

Upload a Pic or two If Possible. Make People Out there know about Your Presence.

6. Memory to Share

Make Sure that Every Moment You Spend With Your Lover is a New Memory which He/She can Cherish For Rest of His/Her Life. Make Sure that In Your Presence Your Lover Feel Excited and Relaxed at the Same time. Don’t Overdo it But Make Sure that Memories You share are Romantic and Exciting.

Memories should Be in Such a Way that He/She can Brag about it in Front of Her/His Companion

7. Adventure Together

Go Out For a Trip or Little Picnic or What Ever. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Take Your Lover as Long as it is Isolated From the Rest of the World. Isolation is Powerful and If She/he is in Some Unknown place with You only. The Only Person she/he will Grow Dependent upon is You.

Dependency Results in Memories with Great Emotional Force.

8. Family Union

Have a Get Together with Your Lovers Family. Best Way to Be a Goode Goode at the Same Time It Will Result in a Lot of Emotional Linkage with Him/her. Moreover, If You Want to Increase Your Chances of Being Remembered or if You want to make your loved one to remember you even after the breakup then You Should Definitely,

Develop Emotional Relation With His/Her Family So that They Help Your Lover to Remember You Once in a While.

9. A Watch

pocket watch

This is the Best Accessory to Give To Your Lover Cause Anyone Who is Trying To Do Anything in Life will Definitely Have a Way to See time. Moreover, an Average Person See time For More than 7 Times a Day and If Your Lover Is Wearing Your Gift then Chances are She Will Have a Little Bit of Thought about You Each time He/She Checks time.

Moreover, Chances are that watch will be the First thing She/He Will Throw out After the Breakup.

10. A Pet

Like A Watch a Pet will Serve the Same Purpose But She/He can’t Get away From a Pet Cause You can’t Get away From Those Cute Little things.

P.S. According to Me, You Should Never Break up But If You are Going to Do it and You want to make your loved one to remember you even after the breakup then Use this. Moreover, I am Not Forcing You into Doing anything.

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