10 Steps to Losing Weight Without Exercise

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Less than 5% of people throughout the world exercise every day but still, not everyone we meet is obese. Exercising every day is a great way to lose weight but losing weight without exercise is also possible

Weight loss is not just about exercising. It’s about transforming your eating habits as well as your sedentary lifestyle into a more active one

So, that you are utilizing and living with your true potential

As a rule of thumb,

Weight loss = 25% Exercise + 75% Diet

You can lose weight with diet alone but some form of physical activity is required for a healthy transformation

You can exercise for two hours or you can transform your lifestyle in such a way that you gain the benefits of exercising without literally exercising

That’s where the concept of athletic lifestyle comes in. Making your lifestyle more athletic is the best way to lose weight without exercising

By changing your lifestyle you develop new habits. Habits that you love. This way you are doing things which you truly love

Here’s an article on Losing weight without exercising By Making a Small Adjustment to Your Lifestyle and Diet

Can I Really Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Losing Weight is about Burning More Calories with respect to Calories Consumed. So, If You Consume On Average around 1500 Calories a Day

Then In order to Have a Successful lose weight, You Have to Burn More than 1500 Calories in a Day

To Lose Weight without Exercises You Have to Build Up a Lifestyle that Let’s You Burn More calories than the number of Calories You Consume in a Day

If You are Busy throughout the Day and You Don’t Have time to Hit the Gym Due to Your Meetings, Then Transforming Your Lifestyle Can be the Key to Being Fit and Healthy Forever

Number of Studies Proves that Exercises Play Little to No Role in Losing Weight. What Plays a Role in Weight Loss is Diet and Lifestyle

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Hours a Day You Spend in the Gym if Your Lifestyle is all About Sitting on a sofa All day Long

Watching Netflix and MTV, losing weight is going to be Difficult

How about Making Your Lifestyle as Much Athletic as Possible and Making Your Diet as Much Weightloss Friendly as Possible

How Long Will It Take To Lose Weight?

If you are Serious about Losing Weight By Transforming Your Lifestyle and Avoiding Exercise then You Have to Be Patient, The Results of Your Weight Loss Journey will Not Be Immediate but you will feel the difference from the very first day

Moreover, You will have no problem in sustaining these habits

I Lost Around 10.1 Pounds in My First Month Without Exercising and Around 19.5 Pounds By Exercising and Following the Keto Diet

The problem with exercising is that your body will start putting on weight as soon as you stop going to the gym

But when you change your lifestyle. It’s tough to put on weight

Unless you start changing your lifestyle again

You can lose up to 20 pounds in a month and up to 50-60 pounds in 6 months if you stick with the routine

So, Be Patient and transform Your Lifestyle in a Way You Can Follow it For Your Whole Life and in this Way, You Will Understand and Learn More About Yourself

10 Steps To Losing Weight Without Exercise

These 10 Steps Will Help You in Creating a Perfect Lifestyle. A lifestyle which will help you in changing yourself physically as well as mentally

Step 1. Know-How Much Weight You Want to Lose

Before You Start Losing Weight. You Should First Know How Much Weight You Want to Lose. Some People Have No Clue When it Comes to How Much Weight They Want to Lose

You need to have a vision of where you want to be. Without a vision, you are just drifting in an endless sea of your thoughts

You Should Set Your Goal Properly and Every Day You Should Check Your Progress to Stay Motivated

Moreover, understanding that Your Weight Depends upon Your own effort will help you reach your goals even faster

Set Your Goal Like “I am Going to Lose 50 Lbs” and stick to it

Understand that Your Goal Purely Depends upon You

For me, It Was Losing 20+ Lbs Before the Summer

This is how you should set a weight loss goal if you want to achieve it

Step 1. Take a notebook and on the first page mention your fitness goals. Make sure that you elaborate and be precise about what you want

Like if you want six-packs abs, you mention it

Step 2. Make a list of what you are going to do every day to reach your goals

If you are going to jog every day for 2 hours, mention it in the notebook

Step 3. Every day stick to the routine. Avoid skipping even a single day. Remember if you quit ones you will do it again

Step 4. Daily note your progress, victories, as well as failures

Step 5. Challenge yourself every day with some new task

Bonus Tip: Perform these steps right now

Step 2. Play Time

Even after working 7 hours a day you still will have plenty of time to pursue a hobby. A hobby that can help you in losing weight

Suppose you like tennis. Make a routine which includes practicing tennis for 2 hours. This way you will start doing things that you like. Make sure that the sport you choose is an outdoor sport and you really like it

This is the first thing you need to do in order to make your lifestyle more athletic. Playing a sport for two hours will burn more than enough calories every single day

Remember, You are not just trying to make your lifestyle more athletic, you are trying to make your lifestyle a reflection of yourself

Step 3. Make Your Life Style More Athletic

athletic girl

Athletic lifestyle means that you are active throughout the day

Here, are a few things you need to do in order to make your lifestyle more athletic. You can add all these activities in your notebook and track them for the next 90 days to increase your progress and discipline

Hiking ones a month/week: Have you been on a hiking trip? If not then your very first hiking trip can be a life-changing experience

You will know at least for the very first time nature and its connection to you. Set up a hiking trip and just go for it

It will be truly worth it!

Swimming 3 times a week: Swimming burns around 200+ calories per hour. Benefits of swimming include:

  1. Help you in toning your muscles
  2. Increase your endurance
  3. Help you maintain a healthy weight
  4. Build cardiovascular fitness
  5. Help you in losing weight

Yoga every day before the shower: Find 10-15 yoga poses that can help you in losing weight and perform them before shower every day

This way even if you don’t have time to go for a swim, you still will be able to maintain your weight

If you are a newbie, then you can try these 10 yoga poses to gain the flexibility and balance for advance poses

This is another lifestyle change you need to include to make your lifestyle more athletic

100 burpees throughout the day: We all love burpees because they are so beneficial but we hate them because they are tough to perform

Performing burpees for one minute will burn up to 10-15 calories

Start your day by performing 10 burpees and then throughout the day keep on performing burpees whenever and wherever you have time

This is another lifestyle change you can include in your routine to lose weight

Jogging in the morning: If you are not jogging every day then you still are not focused enough. Jogging in the morning will help you start off your day with progress and improvement

You can burn up to 100 calories by jogging for 10 minutes.

Outdoor sport in the evening: As mentioned above, choose an outdoor sport you like. Practice it every day at least for 2 hour

This way you will be able to burn calories by doing things that you like

If you make all of these changes you will be able to burn more than 1000 calories every single day

Step 4. Follow a Diet that Promotes Weight Loss

If you are trying to maintain a healthy amount of weight then a balanced diet is enough but if you are overweight then a diet that strictly promotes weight loss is the only solution

According to a study, the average woman needs 2000 calories every day to maintain weight and around 1500 calories to lose 1 pound a week

Apart from this consuming more calories then you can burn in a day will only make the work you put in to change your lifestyle insignificant

Bottom line is you need to follow a diet which helps you in reducing your overall calorie intake as well as aids in weight loss

Suppose you are overweight and every day you stick with your routine and burn more than 1000+ calories. But you fuel yourself with around 2000+ calories. You are literally gaining more weight by the day

Moreover, burning 1000 calories is not a piece of cake

I work at a desk job which makes it harder for me to maintain my weight, as a result, a strict diet is a necessity for me whenever I gain weight. The diet I follow is the keto diet. Following Keto Diet and changing my lifestyle enabled me to lose 20 pounds in a month

In one study, people who followed the ketogenic diet lost 2.2 times more weight than people on low-calorie and low-fat diet

In brief, Keto Diet is Basically Low Carb diet with a moderate amount of protein and a high amount of Fat. The Keto Diet Works By Depleting the Body of it’s Sugar Reserves Which Results in Break Down of Fat For Energy

Molecules Called Ketones are Produced in the Body and are Used as Fuel. When the Body Burns Fat, It Results in Weight loss

The keto diet contains 5% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 85% fats

The problem with the keto diet is that it’s too difficult to manage calories, macronutrients to get into ketosis. Moreover, if you don’t manage macronutrients properly you can face nutrient deficiencies and side effects which include headache, fatigue

I recommend you consult a dietician to help you in preparing meals, manage calories, and macronutrients So that you can avoid the side effects of the keto diet

If you are like me and you don’t have the time due to your crystalized routine then you can get a custom made keto diet plan from here. With this Diet Plan, you will have no problem in counting calories and Preparing meals

Moreover, the diet plan will be tailored specifically to your needs

The diet will also help you in avoiding side effects and nutrient deficiencies people face while trying to lose weight. Moreover, Diet Plans are only Effective If They are Tailored to You Specifically

Step 5. Setting Up Your Eating Pattern

Avoid Eating Junk Food and anything which is Not Good For Your Body. Human Body is Like a Machine and How Good this Machine Will Work Depends upon its Fuel

You need to restrict yourself and avoid everything that you know will affect your weight. At first, it will be difficult but sooner or later you will get used to avoiding junk food. Just stick to your diet plan

Step 6. Setting Up Your Daily Walks

Just walk. Avoid transportation unless its absolutely important

This way you will not only lose weight but you will develop a habit that will help you in maintaining a healthy weight

Walking Every day to Your office is a Good way to Keep Your Weight in Check

Step 7. Avoid The Sofa

No Matter What Happens in a Day Avoid Resting as Much as Possible. The more you are moving the more weight you are losing

Apart from a good night rest of around 7-8 hours, no day naps

Step 8. Know Your Natural Weight and Diet

After Some time You Will Understand that Your Body Can only Lose A Particular Amount of Weight and You can Maintain This Much Weight easily. Then You Have to Stick to it

Whenever you gain more weight by breaking the habits, you start following keto diet again

Step 9. Push Beyond your limits

With time you will get used to this routine. You will lose weight but at that point, you have to understand your potential

You have to understand that losing weight is just the starting point of your fitness journey and now it’s about unleashing your true potential

Being what you are supposed to be!

Step 10. Make Your Lifestyle a Reflection of Your Personality

Make Sure that Your Lifestyle is as Natural to You as Possible because this Way You will Have no Problem in Following the Lifestyle and The Diet

Don’t just force things on yourself. Everything you do must be loved by you otherwise what’s the point of working so hard

10 Proven Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Since You are Not Going to Exercise It’s Better You make Your Lifestyle a Little Bit Active and Your Diet a Little Bit Weight Loss Friendly and Balanced

Proper Diet Combined with a Healthy Lifestyle will Result in a Healthy and Aesthetic Body

So, here are 10 tips you can utilize today to lose weight faster

While Eating Chew Your Food Properly

A Recent Study Has Shown that Chewing Your Food Properly and Chewing it For a Longer time will Decrease the Chances of Later Snack Intake

Our Human Mind works in a way that it Takes time to Realize that You Have Had Enough

Consuming Food Briskly will Most Likely Make You Feel You Need More Nutrition whereas Eating Food Slowly Will Make You Feel More Fuller

Moreover, More Nutrients Will Be Absorbed From the Food this Way

Use Smaller Plates


Visual Illusion Plays a Great Role in How Much Food You Will Consume. A Number of Studies Have Shown that If You are Using Larger Plate to Eat Something

Then Due to Its Visual Appeal You Will Tend to Increase the amount You Consume

For Example, Suppose two Different People with the Same appetite are Eating an Icecream on a Plate

Suppose one of the Plate is Smaller in Size and another Plate is Twice the Size of the Smaller Plate

Than Due to Visual Illusion the Person Eating Icecream on a Small Plate will Consume Less Icecream then the Person Eating Icecream From Larger Plate

Avoid Sweets

Sweets are the Main cause of Your Unhealthy Weight and Know this Time You are Gonna Be Smart and Avoid Sweets and Any Kind of Unnecessary Sugar at All Cost

Most People Who Try to Lose Weight Without Exercises, Change their Lifestyle Completely But One Thing they Don’t Change at All is their Eating Habits

You Should Understand one thing Clearly, The Only Way You Will Ever Lose weight is By Burning More Calories Every Day with Respect to How Many Calories You Consume

Increase Your Protein Intake

Studies Have Shown that Increasing Your Protein intake or Adopting a Protein-Rich Diet will Increase your Feeling of Fullness and can Help You in Consuming Lesser Calories

You Can Literally Lose Weight Without Constricting Your Diet and Exercising Just By Increasing Your Protein Intake But to Some Extent

Maybe it’s Time to Change Your Diet From Grain-based Diet to Protein-Rich Meals!

Focus on Consuming a Well Balanced Diet

balanced diet

It’s Better that You Focus on a Well Balanced Diet if you are in your top shape with a 10-30% increase in Protein intake Rather then Consuming Everything that comes to Your Mind

A Well Balanced Diet will Provide You with all the Essential Vitamins and Minerals Without Risking the Chance of Overconsumption

Your Athletic Lifestyle Will Resonate Properly With Your Balanced Diet and You will be able to maintain your weight

If You are Overweight Than a Strict Diet Plan that Promotes Weight loss is Better than a Balanced Diet. Balanced Diet is Good For Maintaining Weight

Losing Weight Requires Diet Plan that Burns Stored Fat

So, if you are overweight then a weight loss-friendly diet is much more beneficial but if you are trying to maintain weight then cut calories and follow a balanced diet

Drink an Adequate Amount of Water

Water is Not Just Important For You But it’s a Necessity to Drink a Proper Amount of Water Every day. You May Be Suprised to Know that By Drinking Water You Can Promote Weight Loss

If You are Not Sure About How Much Water Should You Drink in a Day then This Article Can Help

Moreover, Drinking Half a Litre of Water 30 Minutes Before a Meal will Increase the Feeling of Fullness and Will Reduce Your Appetite according to a Study

Avoid Stress to Avoid Stress Eating

I Know about those Times When You are Just Stressed out about a Thing or Two and Before You Notice Anything You Just Destroy Your Diet Plan

After that, You Start Eating More Regretting Your Past Actions

Stress Makes us Eat More and Stress can Be The Number one Factor of unhealthily Eating

There are Lot of Ways You Can Deal with The Stress But I Found this Line The Most Effective

Past is Not My Concern, Future is Not My Concern Either.

Take a Good Night Sleep

Taking a Good Night Sleep has Played the Number one Role in Reducing My Stress Level and in Maintaining My Athletic Lifestyle

Proper Sleep Makes and Keeps You Fresh Throughout the Day

A Study Has Shown that Not Having Enough Sleep Effect Your Appetite in Sever Ways

So From Now on, Take Sleep Seriously

Just Relax and Take it Easy!

Learn a Particular Sport

Athletic Lifestyle in Brief Means That You Have a Hobby Where You Spend Your Extra Energy Every day at. It Doesn’t Mean You Just Restrict Your Diet in Your Sofa

It Doesn’t Matter Which Sport You Like What matters Is How Fast You are Gone Start Learning it

I Personally Learned 4-5 Different Sports in My Journey of Losing Weight and Right Know I Play Table Tennis Every Single day

It’s Fun and it Helps me in Keeping My Weight in Check

No More Fast Food

Fast Food is Not Good For You and It’s Never Gone Be Good For You. If You Think That You Can Getaway By Eating a Slice of Pizza then You are Wrong

A Single Slice of Pizza or a Single Hamburger can Literally Put an End to Your Weight Loss Journey

Fast Food Not Only Make You Fat But it Also Destroys any Motivation You Will Have to Change Yourself

I Know that You Know Fast Food is Not Good. For Once in Your Life Award Yourself by Avoiding Fast Food at All Cost


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This Article on Losing Weight Without Exercise is Purely Based on My Research and I am Sure that Following these 10 Steps Will Definitely Help You in Losing Weight

Until You Lose Weight and Get To Your Best Shape Possible stay consistent

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