10 Steps to Controlling Your Man Without Him Knowing About it At All

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Bending a Man To Your Will is Tough and It Becomes a Lot More Tougher When He Knows it, Controlling Your Man Without Him Knowing about it Takes Effort and Skills. If You Really Want to Control a Man Then It Will Make a Lot More Sense That You Control Him Without Him Knowing about it. Don’t think of this as Bad But Rather think of this as a Way to Keep Your Men In Check.

I Don’t Want your Men to Be a Cheater that’s Why We are Revealing these Steps. Before We Jump into the Steps I want to Let You Know that all Men are In Some Way Same, If You Look at these Scientific Facts Then You will Understand these Few Points Clearly:

  1. Men Remain Loyal as Long as They are Interested In You
  2. They Want Only What They Can’t Have
  3. 90 % of the Men are Governed By Physical Pleasures
  4. If You Don’t Look Good Their is a Lot of Chance That they Will Cheat
  5. They are Attention Seekers
  6. They Don’t Want You to Control Them

So Keeping these Points In Check Lets Elaborate these

10 Steps to Controlling Your Man Without Him Knowing about it

These Steps Will Be Simple and to the Point So that You Don’t Waste Much time Thinking about It Rather You Start Preparing and Conquer Your Man, Moreover I want to Clear One thing about these Steps You Don’t Need to Use all of the steps, Following Few Can also Benefit You.

At the End I Will Also Disclose Some Books Which You Should Study In order to Enhance Your Control, Without Wasting Any More time Here’s Your First Step:

Step 1.  Understand Your Man Completely

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Before Jumping Right Into Controlling Him, It Will Make a Lot of Sense If You Understand Him Completely. Most of the Time People Don’t spend Time to Understand their Partner Rather They Rush Into Things. I Would Like You to Take Some time and Understand Your Man Completely.

Know About What He Like What He Dispises and Make Sure to Keep all of this Profiling Hidden From Him. Don’t Try To Change His Likes. Make Sure to Double Check Everything.

Make Sure that you Understand How He Feels About Certain Things, understand what’s his Mentality is Like? Every Person Has Different Mentality Remember this and it Will Save You a Lot of Trouble.

You will spend more time with him online in the starting stages of your relationship. So, it’s very important that you know how to text a man

Without sounding desperate, your texts should attract him and make him dependent on you and that takes practice

Moreover, You should make sure that he is the one who is waiting for your text every day and every single night

Step 2. Don’t Act Like a Control Freak

Trust Me, There Will Be No One In the Whole World Who Would Like to Be Controlled, They Don’t Want You to Control Them But They Surely Like to Be Guided From Time to Time. But If You Act Like a Control Freak and Try to Change Their Opinion or just Their Whole Life So that They can Be with You then Their is a Lot of Chance they will cheat on you 

Instead of That Do one Thing Guide them to Your Opinion

Men are Literally Like Kids they Don’t Put up with Logic and most of their decision are based on how they feel about certain things. Make Sure that They Feel Good and In Control Around You.

In Order To Do that Do Small Things Around According to Their Liking So That Big ones Can Be Turned According to Yours. But Make Sure that They Feel Good about it Always.

Guide Them While Making them Feel Good They Will Beg You Literally to Do the Things Your Way

Don’t Force your men, rather hide your intensions and wrap your actions in good feeling. Even if you are texting him avoid forcing him to do something that he doesn’t want to do

Step 3. Make Sure He Feels Like He is In Control of the Situation

You have to Give Him Little bit Control But In The End, You Want to Control Him and the Best Way to Do that Is to Make Sure that He Feels Like He is In the Control of the Situation.

Giving Him the Control in a way that what ever he decided leads back to what you like. Let Him Make All The Small Decision and Let the Big One Rest on Your Sholders

Controlling Your Man Without Him Knowing About it At All

No one wants to hussel these days. Your partner too will love if someone helps him in deciding every thing. Don’t force your point and decision

Change his life and his decisions slowly. Firstly make him dependent on you for little things. These little things will act as foundation for bigger things

Whenever you want him to do things your way. Just calmly give a logical reason why he should do things your way

Never Fight if he disagrees

If he disagrees on something, Just explain him what risks he is taking and how his decision can embarrass him in the future

Step 4. Use the Punish Him Technique

In order To Control Your Men You Should Punish Him From Time to Time, Cause in this Way He Will Realize that He Has to Respect Your Opinion all the Most. Punishing Him Doesn’t Mean Beating Him Down with a Baseball bat But Rather it Means Withdraw of Favours.

The Best Way to Use this Technique is Use Physical Lures against Your Men. Men are Just Like Animals and they will Literally Do anything For Physical Pleasures Like any other Animal. So You Just Have To Use This Weakness as a weapon.

If You Ask Your Men For Something To Do and He Doesn’t Do it Then Just Withdraw any Physical Pleasure He Wants. Don’t Remind Him about Why You Did It Rather Give Him a Hint.

The Best Way is to act Little Bit Rough with Him. If your relationship is in your initial stage and you get to meet him only few times in a week

Then decrease the intensity of punsihment. But make sure that your texts convey your feeling to him appropriately

Step 5. Compare Him to other Men

This is Like a Golden Way to Get Your Men To Do Whatever You Wish him To Do. Just Compare Him to Other Men But Make Sure that You Do this in a Polite Manner. Don’t Be to Harsh on Him Cause Comparing too Much Will Make Him Feel Like You Don’t Care About Him.

Further More it Will Elevate the Level of Negative Emotion Within Him. In order to Do it Rightly, You Should Better Have a Funny and Teasy Tone. So that He Understands the Point moreover Doesn’t Feel Bad about Himself.

Step 6. Flatter Him

Controlling Your Man Without Him Knowing About it At All

Flatter Him and He is all Yours. Men Like to Feel Masculine and Strong and If You Can Make Him Feel this Way then I Don’t Think He Will Ever Leave You. The Science Behind is When You Flatter Him He Will Develop a Feeling of Confidence and Masculinity Around You and that Feeling Will Make Him Want You.

Cause every time He will Be Around You, He will Feel Good and No one In our Whole world will Deny Feeling of Superiority and Confidence. But Make Sure that You Flatter Him Rightly. Don’t push Yourself While Flattering Him Cause It will Look Fake and In the End Will Result in Problems.

Most of time you will get to communicate with him through text and it’s very important that you text him in a way that makes him feel happy

How can you control your man if you can’t even control how he feels when you text him. In this day and age, You are more likely to spend more time sending and receiving messages then actually meeting him

So, it’s very important that you have a control on your text

Moreover, You should know how to text a man. It’s not something you learn in a school rather you learn this through experience

Experience is something which is gained through failure. If he is a keeper then it would be a better idea to avoid practicing your texting skills on him

But failure and practice is important for any skill but they don’t have to be yours. You can always learn from the experts 

Step 7. Listen To What He Has to Say

Women’s Surely Talk a Lot But Men Do that TOO. They also Like to Share their Emotions but with one Who Understands it. Nowadays Men are Trying to Find Their Soulmate and In Simple Words, A Lady Who Understand them and Listen to them. But it is Surely Difficult.

Just Do One Thing Listen to Whatever He Has to Say Without any Restriction Even If He is Talking about How He Passed His Fifth Grade Just Listen to Him out Ask Question In Order to Make Conversation Look Greater.

When You Do this He will Form a Special Connection with You and That Connection will Not Break Ever.

Step 8. Make Sure to Provide Him With Tiny Surprises

You May Not Accept This But Men Love Surprises, They are Like Little Children’s Filled With Wonders. Give Them Something To Play with By Giving them Surprises From Time to Time.

Surprise Doesn’t Need To Be Too Great But a Little Gift Can Also act as a Surprise.

Most of the Men Will Be Morethan Happy to Recieve a Simple Watch From their Lady. it Will Probably Means a World to them.

Step 9. Make Good Food

Men Love Food Moreover they Love Ladies That Cook Well. You May Have Heard the Proverb

Food Gets the Best out of a man

So Enhance Your Cooking Skills and This Way You Can Control Your Man too. You May Be thinking Everything I can Cook He Can Get in Some Restaurant But You Are Little Bit Wrong Master a Dish of Some unknown Source and Use it To Persuade your Man.

Step 10. Give Him Lot of Space

Don’t Underestimate this Step, Giving Him Time and Space to Reflects Upon How Important You are In His Life is Lot More Important Than Any Other Steps. Giving Him Space Will Also Means to Let Him Feel Like He is In Control.

Moreover, It Will Make You Appear More of a Lady then a Girl

So these are the 10 Steps For Controlling Your man Without Him Knowing about it at all, Make Sure that You Use Them in Order and If You Face any Difficulty Then Just Contact Me. I Will Be More than Happy to Help You.


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