10 Minute Inner Thigh Workout to Burn Fat Fast at Home

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Your Lower Body Affect Your Beauty and How You Look a Lot More than You Think. The Thigh Gap Requires Wide Hips and Low Body Fat. But Burning Inner thigh Fat is Tough. With this Inner Thigh Workout Not So Much!

There are Lot of Exercises Targeted to Burn Inner Thigh Fat But Most of the Exercises Don’t Burn Fat Rather Helps in Building Muscles that Gives You More Shaped Legs

This 10 Minute Inner Thigh Workout Will Make Sure that Within 10 Minutes You are Able to Build Strong Muscles and Burn Fat

Moreover, I Just Wanted to Point out the Fact that No Matter How a Person Looks Doesn’t Effect their Beauty Cause At the End of the Day Everyone is Beautiful in their own Way

You Just Have to Find a Person Who Looks at You The Way You are Supposed to Be Looked at. That’s it!

When Will I Have Slim Thighs?

inner thigh workout

The Workout Plan is Suitable For Newbies as Well as Advanced athletes and is Quite Useful For Both. But the amount of time and Improvement Will Vary According to The Work You Put in

In Average, After Around 1 Month of Training and Following This Workout Routine, You Will Start Seeing Result But It Will Not Be the Same For Advanced Athletes

A Newbie is Training to Get Rid of Excess Fat in the Thigh But an Advances Level Athlete Would Be Training to Tone His Thighs Even Further

The Improvement Will Be there But It Will Be Quite Visible in case of Newbie as Compared to Advanced Athlete

How Many Times in a Week Should I Perform this Workout

inner thigh workout

Consistency is the Key When It Comes to Losing Weight. You are Trying to Lose Fat Particularly in the Thigh Area, I Would Recommend Performing this Workout at Least 3 Times a Week

Performing the Workout 3 Times a Week is Surely a Lot But If You Really Want to Tone Your Inner Thighs Then The Only Way is Consistent Workout

You Can Train More than 3 Times a Week Too But Training More than 3 Times Will Be Anti Productive

Make Sure That After Every Day of Inner Thigh Workout You Take a Day off So that Your Muscle Fibres are Healed Properly

Toned Legs are All About Slim Muscle With Little Amount of Fat

Types of Equipment Needed to Complete the Workout


Most of The Exercises in the Workout Routine are Body Weight Exercises So You Don’t Require any Particular type of Equipment. The only Equipment You Require is a Mat

You Don’t Need to Spend Money on Buying any Equipment and in a Way, You Have No Excuse to Back Down Now

Exercises To Burn Inner Thigh Fat Fast

There are a Lot of Exercises You Can Perform to Built Inner Thigh Fat, Some Exercises will Produce More Result as Compared to Others

These Exercises are Easy to Perform as Well as will Help You in Building Maximum amount of Lean Muscles

I Personally, Tried These Exercises and I am Sure they Will Work For You as They Worked For Me. But Beware These Exercises are No Joke, They are Kinda Tough To Perform

Explosive Squats

Explosive Squats is Also Considered as a Bigger Squat as it Consists of Jumping at the End of a Normal Squat. If you can Perform a Simple Squat then Explosive Squat is Like

Simple Squat with a Jump to Mark its End

How to Do Explosive Squat?

  1. Stand Comfortably with your legs Shoulder Width apart
  2. Make Sure Your Feet are Parallel to Each other
  3. Slowly Perform a Squat By Lowering Your Body Down
  4. Make Sure that Your Back Is Straight
  5. Now Try to Get Back Up
  6. At the End of the Squat Jump as High as Possible
  7. Land Comfortably on Your Feet
  8. Perform it Again and Again

Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge is the Best Exercise When it Comes to Building Muscle and Burning Fat. It’s Quite Simple to Perform But It takes a Lot of Strength Just To Perform a Single Set

How to Do a Forward Lunge?

  1. Stand Straight with Your Feet Hip Width Apart
  2. Now Lift your Right Leg Forward and Shift Your Weight in Such a Way that Heel of Your Feet Hits the Ground First i.e Shift Your Weight Forward
  3. Then Lower Your Body Down So that Your Thigh is Parallel to the Ground and Right Shin is Vertical
  4. Now Push With Your Right heel to Drive Back up to the Starting Point
  5. Repeat it with the Left Leg in the Same Way
  6. Perform it Till the Set is Complete

Cossack Squat

Cossack Squat is More Like a One Leg Squat while Keeping other Leg Straight and to the Side

One Leg is Used to Perform the Squat While the other Leg is Straight with the only Heel of the Feet touching the Ground to the side

How to Perform a Cossack Squat?

  1. Stand With Your Feet Little Bit Wider than the Shoulder Width, Just Like How You Would Stand For a Sumo Deadlift
  2. Shift All Your Weight on Your Right Feet at the Same Time Keep Your Body Upright as Well As Your Left Leg Straight and Let it Slide to the Side
  3. Now After Performing a Squat with Right Leg While Your Left Leg is Straight and to the Side, Push Yourself Up with only the Right Leg
  4. You Don’t Need To Stand all the Way up in Order to Perform another Repetition But In My Opinion, You Should
  5. Then Shift Your Weight to The Left leg While Right Leg is Straight with Heel of the Feet Touching the Ground to the Side
  6. Repeat the Steps to Perform Reps

Frog Jump

Frog Jump is one of the Most Intense Body Weight Exercise For the Legs

Performing Jump 10 Frog Jumps in a Row Makes You Feel Literally Exhausted. Since Frog Jumps Activates a Lot of Muscle Fibres, I Used to Perform them Everyday

But Still, I Used to Get Sore Every Day. Know I Hate Performing them Cause Guess What they are Too Difficult For Me

How to Perform a Frog Jump?

  1. In order to Perform a Frog Jump, Keep Your Hands Behind Your Head and Your Torso Upright While Performing a Squat
  2. Squat Down While Keeping Your Head Up and Jump Forward Several Feet
  3. Make Sure You Avoid Jumping High, Frog Jumps are All About Jumping Farther then Jumping Higher
  4. Land on Your Feet and Again Repeat The Action


Burpees are the Single Most Hated Exercise by Everyone. This Exercise is So Exhausting that Performing Just 10 Reps of it is Near to Impossible Even For Some Pro Athletes

I Can Personally Perform 30 Reps in a Row of 2 Sets. This Exercise Will Burn Excess Fat in Your Body Like it was Never there

If You Really Want to Burn Thigh Fat Fast then Perform Burpees Every day

How to Perform a Burpee?

  1. Stand With Feet Shoulder Width Apart, Then Bow Down By Pushing Your Hips Back and Bending Your Knees
  2. Place Your Hands on the Floor and Do a Push-up
  3. While Standing Up, Jump to Mark Completion of the Rep
  4. Repeat the Steps to Perform the Required Number of Reps



Jogging is One of those Exercises You can Perform as a Leisure Activity that Yields Great Benefits. I Started Jogging So That in the Morning I could Enjoy the Nature

But At the End of a Month I Noticed a Change, I Lost Around 19.5 lbs of Fat Within a Month. By Jogging Every Day and Following a Proper Diet You can Lose a Lot of Weight

Moreover, Jogging Has Additional Benefits Like I Started To Feel Fresher and In a Better Mood Throughout the Day

I Noticed One Key Benefit of Jogging, Due to Jogging I Finally Had a Moment of Relaxation and Comfort in My Busy Schedule

Recommendation for Jogging

  1. I Recommend That You Jog Early Morning When the Sun is Not Up Yet
  2. Do the Jog in a Park or any Place Which Has Tons of Vegetation and Less amount of People
  3. Don’t Jog to Lose Weight, Jog to Enjoy Nature
  4. Go Through the Entire Plans of Your Day While You are Having a Jog in the Mind. This Way You Will Know What You want to Do Throughout the Day

Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat Have Just One Relation with Sumo Which is You Kinda Have to Stand Like a Sumo Wrestler in order to Perform the Stance But It will Definitely Result in Loss of Weight

Sumo Squat is Like Simple Squat Dressed up in a Sumo Posture

The Benefit of Sumo Squat is that It Will Burn Fat Around Thigh Area If You Do it Properly

How to Perform a Sumo Squat?

  1. In order to Perform a Sumo Squat. Stand Straight with Your Feet Wide Apart, Wider than Shoulder Width Apart
  2. Keep Your Feet around 45 Degree Angle
  3. Perform a Squat at this Position While Keeping Your Chest Straight and Your Head Up
  4. Bend Your Knee Until Your Thighs are Parallel to the Ground
  5. Rise Up
  6. Repeat The Steps To Perform More Reps

Side Lunges With Weight

Side Lunges are Just Like Forward Lunges But With a Little Twist. The Muscle Groups Which are Targeted When You Perform a Side Lunge are Quite Different From Regular Lunges

I Recommend Using Weight of At Least 10 Pounds While Performing Side Lunges

Weight Will Neutralize any Unnecessary Motion

How to Perform a Side Lunge?

  1. Stand Straight with Your Feet Shoulder Width Apart
  2. Now Step Out With Your Right Leg as Far As Possible
  3. Make Sure Your Feet are Pointing Forward
  4. Perform a Squat Such that Your Thigh is Parallel to the Ground
  5. Then Repeat the Steps with Your Left Leg

Inner Thigh Lifts

This is the One and the only Exercise that Will Target Specifically Inner Thigh So You Have to Make Sure that You Perform Enough Reps of this Exercise

I Personally Recommend You That You Should Perform This Exercises Even If You are Not Willing to Perform other Exercise

But For More Shaped Legs You Should Perform 4-5 Exercises

How to Perform Inner thigh Lifts?

Sweeping Mountain Climbers

Sweeping Mountain Climbers are Just Like Mountain Climbers But You Have to Avoid Lifting Your Feet off the Ground By Placing a Towel Under Your Feet

This is a Good Exercise For Your Legs and It Also Helps in Building Abdominal Muscles

Moreover, It’s a Fun Exercise To Perform

How to Perform Sweeping Mountain Climbers?

10 Minute Inner thigh Workout

This 10 Minute Inner thigh Workout Will Contain 9 Exercises Mentioned Above, Each Exercise Will Be Performed For a Limited Period of Time and Depending Upon Your Strength You Can Perform this Workout again and Again to Meet Your Strength Level

Workout For Higher Fat Loss (Advanced Level)

First of all You Will Perform

10 Explosive Squats Then Take 10 Second Rest and Then Perform 10 Lunges

Take Another 10 Second Rest Perform

10 Explosive Squats and Then Perform 10 Lunges Without Rest

Take 20 Second Rest and Relax

Now Perform 10 Frog Jump and Take 10 Second Rest

Perform 5 Burpees and Take Another 20 Second Rest

Now-Again Perform 10 Frog Jump With 5 Burpees without Rest

Take 30 Second Rest

Now Perform 20 Sumo Squats in a Row and Take Another 30 Second Rest

After that Perform Sweeping Mountain Climbers For 1 Minute and Take Another 30 Second Rest

Then Perform 20 Side Lunges With Kettlebell and Take Another 30 Second Rest

Mark the End of the Workout With 20 Inner Thigh Lifts on Both Side

If this Workout is too Complex then You Can Perform this Simple Inner Thigh Workout Which is Quite Well Tailored For Newbies

The Aim of this Workout is Instant Fat Loss with Strength Gain

Newbie Inner Thigh Fat Loss Workout

  1. 20 Explosive Squats Then 20 Second Rest
  2. Then 20 Lunges then 20 Second Rest
  3. After that 20 Inner thigh Lift Both Sides then 10 Second Rest
  4. 20 Sumo Squats Then 20 Second Rest
  5. 30 thigh Lifts then 1 Minute Rest

Repeat this Workout 3 Times in a Row For 3 Days Every Week For Maximum Results

Nutrition For Toned Legs

When I Started My Weight Loss Journey, one of the Major Obstacle in My Path was My Inability to Lose Weight

I Wanted a Lean and Strong Body. After Training For Over a Year, I Lost a Lot of Weight But Still the Results weren’t up to My Satisfaction

The Problem was Not in My Workout Regime, Rather it was in My Diet. I Did Change My Lifestyle But What About Fueling My Body

I Was Still Eating Without Proper Consideration to What My Body Truly Needs. So, I Decided to Change My Diet

Your Diet Needs to Be Weight Loss Friendly If You Want to Lose Weight

My Sister Told Me about the Keto Diet. I Decided to Give it a Try. I arranged a Custom Keto Diet Plan Specifically Tailored to My Needs

Diet Plans Never Work Unless they are Specifically Tailored for You. Moreover, This Way I Can Check the Effectiveness of the Diet

Results Lie in Doing the Same Things in Different Order or In My Case Eating the Same Thing in Different Quantities

After Following it For a Month, I Lost Around 19.5 Lbs of Weight. I Wasn’t Even Trying Hard Enough at that Time

I Was Suddenly Aesthetic and Lean. I Looked at My Self in the Mirror and I was Finally Satisfied with my Results

If You are Trying to Get Lean or Lose Weight then I Highly Recommend Trying Keto Diet. You can hire a Dietician to create a keto diet for You. At least this way you will be consuming nutrition your body needs for change.

If you are like me and you don’t have the time to consult a dietician then you can get a custom made keto diet from here. With this diet, you will have no problem in counting calories and preparing your meals

Moreover, it will help you fuel your body with the proper amount of macronutrients to lose weight and avoid nutrient deficiencies

You can’t Expect Different Results By Following the Same Routine and Diet

Nutrition Will always Play a Great Role in Your Muscular Development


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A Word From Fitness Gained

In Order to Tone Your Thigh Muscle, You Have to Lose Excess Thigh Fat Along With Gaining Lean Muscle Which Can Be only Done By Workout Routine That Support Weight Loss as Well as Helps in Building Muscles

You Have to Make Sure That You Follow a Weight Loss Friendly Diet Each Day With Appropriate amount of Protein

P.S. If You Have Any Query About the Workout Routine You Can Comment Down Below. I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

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