10 Minute Abs Workout for Women to Lose Your Muffin Top

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Having a flat tummy is a dream of every woman but not every woman is able to achieve this dream. Even after training for months losing muffin top is still something far, far away. Do you know why? because your workout routine and exercises you perform are not good enough. Not only that your diet is one of the primary reason for your muffin top

Still, you are eating the same thing again and again and performing the same workout but you desire a different result

Let me tell you something, there are no shortcuts. So, if you want results then you have to stick with the diet and the workout

With this abs workout for women, you can too lose belly fat but only if you stay consistent with the workout and the diet

Equipment Required

No equipment is required to perform this particular workout

I recommend you to arrange a yoga mat to perform this workout completely

Exercises in the workout Routine

Before you start performing the workout routine, it’s very important that you know a little bit about the exercises. Knowing about them will help you in performing them perfectly

Make sure that you learn how to perform each exercise separately before jumping into the nutrition & workout routine

Alternating toe reach

Alternating toe reach is a simple yet effective exercise anyone can perform for building abs. Performing this exercise at the beginning will help you in warming up your abdominal muscles for harder exercises

Muscle targeted: Obliques, abs, hip flexors, quads

In order to perform alternating toe reach, lay down on your back with your arms above your head. Slowly lift your left arm and right leg. Reach across your body and touch your toes with your hand

Then revert back to the starting position and repeat the motion with the right arm and left leg. Make sure that You perform at least 30 reps in a minute for optimal muscle growth

Leg raises

Leg raises is one of the most important exercises in this workout routine. Leg raises independently will be enough to tone your tummy

Muscles targeted: Hip flexors, abs

In order to perform leg raises lay down on your back with your hands on your sides and your feet straight out and together

While keeping your legs as straight and together as you can, lift them up in the air. Then slowly bring them down.

Try to perform at least 10-20 reps in a minute

Russian twist

This exercise requires balance but its still quite easy as compared to other exercises on the list. This exercise will help you in shrinking your waistline

Muscle targeted: Oblique and abs

In order to perform Russian twist, Keep your feet flat on the floor tilt backward and then lift your feet off the floor making a 45-degree angle with your legs

Look straight ahead and twist your trunk to the left and then to the right while keeping your hands clasped together

Try to perform around 40 reps in a minute


Plank is a great exercise to strengthen your core and reduce lower back pain. Plank also increase overall muscle definition of the body by building lean muscles

Muscle targeted: Oblique, shoulder, abs, and lower back

Start in a push-up position with your elbows directly below the shoulders. Raise and keep your hips up so that your entire body from head to heels is in a straight line

Stay in the position for as long as you can

Side plank dips

Side plank dip is a yoga exercise that targets obliques primarily. It takes some time for a beginner to get used to performing this exercise. As it requires a certain amount of balance

Muscle targeted: Oblique, abs, and glute

In order to perform side plank dips, Lie down on your right side while using your right elbow to keep yourself up. Make sure that your feet are together on top of each other

Raise your hip from the ground so that you make a straight line then make a dip with your hip but ensure that your hip doesn’t touch the ground or rest on it

Perform at least 40-45 reps from each side

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers will help you in building cardio endurance along with core strength. This is one of the best exercises to lose the muffin top. Since mountain climbers is a cardio exercise, you will be able to burn a lot of calories

Muscle targeted: Core, quads, arms, and shoulder

In order to perform a mountain climber, Get into a plank position and ensure that your weight is evenly distributed between your toes and hands

Make sure that your hands are shoulder-width apart, pull your left knee into your chest as far as you can and then switch

Pull the left knee out while pushing the right knee in and then switch again

Perform this action again and again. You should perform at least 50 mountain climber in a minute

Bicycle crunch

The bicycle crunch will help you in building core strength and toning your tummy. Its simple, effective, and beginner-friendly. I still perform this exercise every day because it’s easy yet effective against belly fat

You can perform this exercise anywhere and still get the benefits. I highly recommend you to perform this exercise every single day if you want to lose the muffin top

Muscle targeted: Abs and obliques

In order to perform a bicycle crunch, lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed against the ground. Put your hands behind your back and raise your knees to about a 90-degree angle (lifting your feet from the ground in the process)

Bring your right knee closer to the right armpit and rotate your torso to ensure that your left elbow touches the right knee gently

Now switch sides and perform the same motion to the other side to complete a single rep

You should perform at least 40 reps in a minute for maximum benefits


Burpees is one of the most hated and loved cardio exercise. We hate burpees because they are tough to perform. We love them because they are effective

Performing burpees will help you in burning fat all over the body, not just your core. This way you will be able to tone your tummy along with your legs and arms

Muscle targeted: Abs, chest, shoulder, forearms, quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, middle back, lower back, and triceps

In order to perform a single burpee, stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart with your hands at your sides. From this position get into a plank position. Then drop all the way down to the floor

Press with your arms to lift yourself up and jump your feet forward. Jump again with your hands above your head to get back to the starting position

You should try to perform at least 15 reps in a minute

Workout Routine

In order to tone your tummy, you have to perform this abs workout at least 3-4 times every week. You can even perform this workout routine every single day by decreasing the intensity of each exercise for maximum results

Losing muffin top = 30% Exercise + 70% Diet

Performing this workout routine consistently will complete the first half of your transformation journey

4 Day Workout Routine

Monday & Wednesday

Since its a 10-minute abs workout you have to perform all the reps under 10 minutes to gain the maximum benefits

Perform all the exercises in this specific order only and vary the reps according to your own convenience

You don’t need to perform the required reps. In the beginning, you will struggle to perform even 10 reps. But if you keep trying you will reach your goal

Aim: Reps you need to perform to tone your tummy perfectly

  1. Mountain climbers (60 sec): Perform at least 30 reps/Aim
  2. 1-minute rest
  3. Bicycle crunch (45 sec): Perform at least 30 reps/Aim
  4. Russian twist (45 sec): Perform at least 30 reps/Aim
  5. 1-minute rest
  6. Leg raises (45 sec): Perform at least 15 reps/Aim
  7. 1-minute rest
  8. Side plank dip (45 + 45 sec): Perform at least 20-25 reps from both sides/Aim
  9. Plank (30 sec): For 30 second try to maintain the plank as long as you can/Aim
  10. Alternating toe reach (30 sec): Perform at least 20 reps/Aim
  11. Rest for 30-45 seconds
  12. Burpees (30 sec): Perform 10 reps/Aim

Friday & Saturday

You have to perform this abs workout routine at least 3 times in a row

  1. Mountain Climbers (30 sec): As many reps as you can
  2. 30-second rest
  3. Leg raises (30 sec): As many reps as you can
  4. 30-second rest
  5. Bicycle Crunches (30 sec): As many reps as you can
  6. 30-second rest
  7. Plank: Maintain the plank for as long as you can

By performing this workout routine, you will slowly get used to training. This way you will establish your own pace

women performing plank

7 Day Workout Routine

One workout for 7 days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  1. Mountain climbers (60 sec): Aim for 30 reps
  2. Alternating toe reach (60 sec): Aim for 40 reps
  3. 1-minute rest
  4. Bicycle crunch (60 sec): Aim for 50 reps
  5. 1-minute rest/ optional
  6. Russian twist (60 sec): Aim for 40 reps
  7. Side plank dip (60 + 60 sec): Aim for 30 reps both side
  8. Plank (60 sec): Aim for a whole 60 seconds, try to earn your 1-minute rest
  9. 1-minute rest
  10. Leg raises (60 sec): Aim for 25 reps

If you want results then performing the 7-day workout routine is a better choice as compared to the 4-day workout routine

But if your goal is to lose weight and build abs along the way then you can combine this 4-day workout routine with a full-body workout



You may have heard that weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Even when you are trying to tone your tummy this fact is still valid

No matter how hard you train if your diet is all about pizza then building abs is something you should only dream about

Here are a few nutrition rules you need to follow:

1. Avoid consuming Excess Calories

If you are trying to lose your muffin top then you have to consume a proper amount of calories. For a successful weight loss, you have to consume fewer calories then calories you can burn in a day

Along with consuming fewer calories, you have to consume a certain amount of protein every day

You are replacing your muffin top with a flat tummy and that requires you to build lean muscles. Building muscles require protein

Protein is also essential for maintaining muscles. Protein also reduces your appetite and food cravings

In a way, you should consume a diet with an appropriate amount of calories and a lot of protein

2. Make sure your diet contains all the essential nutrients

One of the main reasons why you are obese is your nutrient deficiency. For instance, deficiency of vitamin B12 makes you feel tired and week

You have to ensure that even if your diet is low in calories it still contains all the important macronutrients you need

You can utilize various supplements and zero-calorie food along with your calorie-restricted diet to avoid nutrient deficiency

Zero-calorie foods are a great way to avoid nutrient deficiency and hunger

woman drinking water

3. Keep your self hydrated

You may not know but water can help you lose weight

50% of US adults who try to lose weight increase their overall water intake because water has several other benefits apart from the fact that it is necessary to stay alive

Drinking water will significantly reduce your appetite and will reduce the risk of long term weight gain

A study performed on middle-aged overweight suggests that participant who drank water before a meal lost 44% more weight as compared to a participant who did not drink water before the meal

4. Follow the Keto diet

Keto diet is a low carb diet with a moderate amount of protein. The diet works by depleting the body of its sugar reserve which results in a break down of fats for energy.

Molecules called ketones are formed in the body and are utilized as fuel. When the body burns fat it results in weight loss

A lot of studies prove the effectiveness of the keto diet. With proper keto diet plan, anyone can lose weight

I was able to lose 20 pounds in a month with the help of the keto diet. The main challenge with the keto diet is balance. Most people are unable to adjust their meals right enough so that they can get into ketosis

Without getting into ketosis you cannot lose weight. So make sure you keep a track of calories and consume an appropriate amount of protein and carbs in the process. Your diet should consist of 10-20% protein. 5-10% carbohydrates, and 70-80% fat

The problem with the keto diet is that it’s too difficult to balance macronutrients and calories

You can contact a dietician to help you with the keto diet. At least this way it will be quite easy for you to follow the diet and get into ketosis

After getting into ketosis losing weight is a piece of cake. You can lose up to 20 pounds in a month. If you don’t have time to consult a dietician like me then you can get a custom keto diet plan from here

With this diet plan, you will have no problem with counting calories and preparing meals. Moreover, the meal mentioned will be tailored to the exact amount of nutrients you need in a day

It is much easier to lose weight if you are using a diet plan tailored to your own needs

Tips to make the most out of the Workout Routine

For those who want to make the most out of this workout, these tips will help you avoid major diet and lifestyle mistakes. As mentioned earlier diet and lifestyle plays an important role

woman performing meditation

No matter how much you train if your diet is all about junk food nothing is going to change, similarly, lifestyle has its own impact on your overall performance

  1. Avoid consuming junk food: If your desire is to change then stop consuming junk food from this moment. For a healthy fit body, you have to sacrifice bad eating habits for your own good. Apart from obesity, there are several other harmful impacts of junk food on your body
  2. Meditate every day: You need to keep your mind in the right direction. The best way to achieve this is through meditation. By meditating every day you will be able to increase your overall focus. Meditating for only 5 minutes is enough to achieve the mental clarity you need to accomplish your goal
  3. Avoid negative people: Positive thoughts, as well as negative thoughts, have an impact on your overall performance. Avoiding negative people is a great way to keep your mind focused on your goal
  4. Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts: Remember you will become what you think. So, if you keep your mind filled with only positive thoughts then those thoughts will help you in crystalizing your dreams into reality
  5. Never skip even a single workout: There is power in doing one thing again and again. If you follow this workout routine and avoid quitting in between then you will succeed. Your body will change. It all depends on how long are you willing to stay consistent
  6. Consume vitamins if you have any nutrient deficiency: Nutrient deficiency can prevent you from losing weight. For instance deficiency of vitamin B12 makes you feel tired all the time. So, if you have any nutrient deficiency consume appropriate vitamins and Supplements
  7. Follow a diet that promotes weight loss: Most of the times our diet is insufficient when it comes to weight loss. Consuming a diet that helps you in losing weight is the first step toward a toned tummy. You can follow the keto diet for weight loss. Here’s a 7-day keto diet meal plan for absolute beginners
  8. Enjoy every moment: Never think about exercising as something to dread rather think about it as something that is taking you closer to your goal one step at a time. You should enjoy every single rep & set. True happiness is doing what makes you happy in the long run. Sacrificing momentary pleasures is what will help you in achieving your goal
  9. It’s all about the right form: If you perform 20 reps of push-ups in a wrong form then what’s the point of even performing them. You need to make sure that each rep you perform is perfect if you want maximum results and minimum injuries
  10. Believe in yourself: Remember never ask yourself can you do it? rather believe in yourself that you can achieve it. Believing that you can achieve a particular goal is a first step towards achieving it
  11. Expect change: If you are training every day your body will start to change. Your body will get toned as you stay consistent. You have to expect these changes and actively look for changes and progress you have made. These new changes will give an overall boost to your motivation and self-esteem
  12. Avoid Injuries: If you are training, make sure that you are training properly and avoiding anything that can result in any injury. The last thing you want is to get injured. An injury will slow down your progress and can also break your consistency
  13. If you are sick, avoid training: You should be training consistently but if you are sick, you should relax and just wait until you are well again


I understand that it’s quite difficult to lose weight. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you stick with the workout routine and the diet, you will lose belly fat

Remember, Consistency is everything!

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