10 Keto Diet Tips Every Beginner Need to Know to Lose Weight Fast

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Keto Diet is a Low Carb Diet with a High amount of Fat and a moderate amount of Protein. The Diet can Help You in Losing Weight and Improve Your Overall Health only If You Follow it Right. With These Keto Diet Tips, any Beginner can Avoid Mistakes and Start Losing Weight

Keto Diet works by Depleting the body of it’s Sugar Reserves which results in the Breakdown of Fats For Energy. Molecules Called Ketones are Formed in the Body Which are Used as Fuel

When The Fat is Burned By the Body, Weight Loss Occurs. Keto Diet helps you in Losing Weight Through Ketosis

Ketosis is a Metabolic State that Burns Fat instead of Carbohydrates to Fuel the Body. So, Consuming a Lower Quantity of carbs is the Baseline

Different Types of Keto Diet

Most People Don’t Even Know that There are Different Version of Keto Diet, Moreover one Must Choose the Type that He/She Needs

Several Versions of Ketogenic Diet Include:

  1. Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD): This Diet Contain Very Low amount of Carbs. This Version Typically Contains 20% Protein, 75% Fat, and 5% Carbs
  2. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD): This Version Included High-Carb Days Followed By Ketogenic Days Example: 2 Carbs Days After 5 Ketogenic Days
  3. Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD): This Ketogenic Diet Lets You Add More Carbs around Your Workout
  4. High-Protein Ketogenic Diet: This Version of Ketogenic Diet Include More Protein Intake. It Typically Contains 35% Protein, 5% Carbs, and around 60% Fat

Keto Diet will Never Work unless You Follow the Version which is Suitable For You. This is one of the minimalistic Mistake Beginners Make which Effect their overall Results

Here are 10 Keto Diet Tips You Should Follow In order to Lose Weight Fast

10 Keto Diet Tips For beginners

For Keto Diet to Work, The Body Needs to Run into Ketosis, as Mentioned earlier Ketosis is a Normal Metabolic State With Several Health Benefits

Ketosis will help you in Losing unwanted Fat as The Body Starts to rely on Fat Stores instead of Carbohydrates

A Study also Suggest that Ketosis can Help in Suppressing a Person appetite which will indirectly Result in Weight loss

The Faster You Get into Ketosis The More Weight You will Lose

With these Tips Not only You Will Be able to Get into Ketosis Faster But Also You Will Keep Yourself Safe From the Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet


Avoid Eating Too Much Protein

Protein is one of the Most Important micronutrients. Protein promotes Fat Burning and Feeling of Fullness. Moreover, Consuming an adequate amount of Protein in the Keto Diet is Essential for Ketosis

But While Following Keto Diet it’s Quite Easy to Consume More than Necessary amount of Protein as Low-Carb Dieters who Eat a Lot of Lean animal Foods can End up with More than Necessary amount

When You consume Protein beyond the Recommended range of 1.5-2.0 gm per Kg, Some of its amino acids will Be Turned into Glucose via gluconeogenesis which in Turns Prevent Your Body From going into Ketosis

An Excessive Consumption of Protein can Prevent Your Body on Keto Diet From Getting into Ketosis. It’s Very Important that You Consume the proper amount of Protein Every Single Day While on Keto Diet

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Fat is Your Friend in Ketogenic Diet

Ketosis occurs When the Body Start Utilizing Fat as its Primary Energy Source due to the Lack of Carbohydrates. It Only Happens When You Reduce Your Carb Intake and Replace it With Something Else

Moreover, Some People Think that Reducing Your Fat Intake along with Carb Intake Will Make Your Diet Even More Healthier

But Reducing Your Fat Intake will Result in Hunger and inadequate nutrition. While on Keto Diet You must Compensate carbs with Fats

The only Fat You must avoid is Trans Fat. If You are on Ketogenic Diet, a Fat intake of 70% of Total Calories is a Good Choice

Consuming Healthy amount of Fat can Help you in increasing Your Ketones Level which will Result in Reaching Ketosis Faster

You Must Choose High-Quality Fat Sources that are Low in Carbs, For example, avocado oil, olive oil, lard, and Butter

Test Ketone levels

In Ketogenic Diet it is Very Important To Reach Ketosis. But Most of the Time People Quite too Soon before they Reach Ketosis

It Takes Time For Your Body to Adapt to Burning Fat instead of Carbs For Energy. Achieving Ketosis is Highly Individualized So, it can Be Helpful For You to Test Your ketone Level to Ensure that You are on a Right Track

There are Three Types of Ketones:

  1. Acetone
  2. Acetoacetate
  3. Beta-hydroxybutyrate

Moreover, They Can Be Measured in Your Breath, Urine and Blood

Acetone is Found in Breath and Acetone Breath Levels is a Reliable Way to Monitor Ketosis in People Following Ketogenic Diet

Ketosis Can also Be Measured by measuring the amount of Beta-hydroxybutyrate Level in the Blood using Blood Ketone Meter

Like a Glucose Meter, a Small Drop of Blood is Placed on the Strip which is Inserted into the Meter But the Disadvantage is Its Expensiveness

The Last Way is To Measure Acetoacetate in the Blood is By Using Ketone Urine Strips which Turn into Various Shades of Pink and Purple Depending upon the Levels of Ketones in the Body

Ketones Strips are Easy to use and are Fairly Inexpensive. You can get Ketones Strips Easily From a Medical Store or From online

Be Skeptical about Products

If You are Not Sure Whether a Particular Product is Low in Carbs then Avoid it. Utilize only those Products that are Labelled as Low in Carbs

Consuming anything which contains Excessive amount of Carbs will Prevent Your Body From Getting into Ketosis

You Have to Significantly Reduce Your overall Carbohydrate intake. So, Stick with Your Diet Plan and Consume only Meals Mentioned in it

Sticking to Your Diet Plan is the Best Thing You Can Do to Lose Weight

Remember Sometimes Products Low in Carbs can Have Excessive amount of other Macronutrients Like Protein

Replenishing Sodium

One Pro Keto Diet Tip that Every Beginner Should Know it that When You Follow a Low-Carb Diet Your Overall Insulin Level Drops

Reduction in Insulin Level on Keto is Perfectly Normal and is one of the Main Mechanism Behind Low-Carb Diet

While You are on a Low carb Diet Your Body Starts Losing Excess Sodium and Water as Your Insulin Level Goes Down. But Sodium is one the Crucial Electrolyte. Low Level of Sodium can Have Negative Impacts on Your Body

A Lot of People Feel Lightheadedness, Fatigue, and Headaches on the Keto Diet. Low Level of Sodium is one of the Reasons For these Side Effects

When You are on Keto Diet add More Sodium to Your Diet to avoid Sodium deficiency. This is one of the Reasons Why You Should Always Follow a Well Tailored Diet Plan

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More Physical Activity

While on Keto Diet, High-Intensity Exercise helps in activating the glucose Transport Molecule called GLUT-4 Receptor in the muscle Tissues and Liver

The GLUT-4 molecule pulls the Sugar out of the Blood Stream. This adaption is Important in Maintaining Ketosis For a Longer Period of Time

Regular Exercise Helps in Depleting the Glucogen Stored in the Body which Helps the Body in adapting to Fat Stores instead of Glucogen

Follow a Well Tailored Keto Diet Plan

If you are Serious about Following Keto Diet, Then You Should understand that Without a Well Tailored Keto Diet Plan You Will Have minimalistic Results and Tons of Side Effects including Headaches, Fatigue, etc

Diet Plans Never Work unless they are Specifically Tailored to Your Needs. Moreover, Balancing Your Overall Fat, Protein, and Carb Intake is Tougher Then It Looks

Following a Random Diet Plan and Consuming Meals without Consulting a Dietician will get You Nowhere

I Highly Recommend You to Consult a Dietician to help you with keto diet or If You are Like Me and you don’t like wasting time then you can get a custom Keto Diet Plan From Here.

With This Diet Plan, You will Have no Problem in Counting Calories as Well as in Preparing Meals. The diet will also help you prevent nutrient deficiencies most people develop while trying to lose weight

Remember, Doing the Same Thing again and again will Not Produce Different Results

If The Plan Doesn’t work then You Have to Change it

Keto Diet is a Weight Loss Friendly Diet. But its Effectiveness is Dependent upon How Properly You Fuel Your Body

Include Coconut oil in Your Diet

Coconut Oil can Help You in Maintaining or Reaching Ketosis. Coconut oil contains fats called medium-chain triglycerides

After absorbing Medium-chain triglycerides, These Fats are Transferred Directly to the Liver where they are Converted into Ketones or Energy

Moreover, Coconut oil will Help You in Increasing Your Ketones Level


Keto Diet will Help you in Losing weight. But it will Take Few Days For Your Body to Adapt to These New Changes

You will Feel Fatigued as Your Body adjust. Feeling of unwellness may Tempt You to Quit. It may take Up to 3-4 Days for Your Body to adjust

So, Have Patience and Stick with the Diet

Uneasiness May Tempt You to quit But Remember You can Lose up to 20 Pounds within a Month with Keto Diet

Don’t Guess anything

If you want Results, Then Avoid Guessing. I wasted a Whole Year by guessing and Creating Meals For myself

When it comes to Nutrition, It’s Not About What You Eat But Rather about How much You Eat. If you want to Follow Keto Diet for Results Then avoid guessing things. Guessing is not going to get you anywhere

Get help from a dietician

At Least this Way You Will avoid Days of Uneasiness and Pain


Keto Diet is a Great Way to Lose Weight But Only If You Do it Right. With these Keto Diet Tips, You will Be able to Avoid Mistakes which Beginners often Make. Stick with Your Diet and You will See Results

For Maximum Results Follow a Well Tailored Diet and Avoid Quitting

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