10 Exercises That Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

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When Negativity Takes Over it’s Hard to Stay Positive. But Still, If You Train Yourself Good Enough to Tackle Negativity then There’s Still Hope

How Can I Train My Brain to Stay Positive?

It’s Funny that We Humans Have a Mind that Shifts us toward Negativity. If We consider a Wild animal Like a Lion, Throughout a Day a Lot of Thoughts Come up in His Mind

But I can Guarantee One thing that One Though will Never Come to His Mind Which is “What If” The only thought that Has Reined our Positivity

We, Humans, Tend to Overthink Everything and Never Once in Life Take a Leap of Faith. Everything that Happens to Us Happens For a Reason It doesn’t Matter How Small or Big the Reason Might Be

It Doesn’t Matter what Happens in the Future What Matters is What Happens in the Present Moment

Just Make Sure that You Make the Most out of Present and You Will Never Have to Worry About Future

Staying Positive is all about Being in Present and Being Greatfull For Everything and Anything

As Long as the Present Situation Doesn’t Kill Us It Doesn’t Matter Much

Down Below There are 10 Exercises that You Can Practice Every day to Stay Positive

These Exercises will More or Less Restore Your Faith in Yourself and God. Moreover, Help You with the Overthinking Problem

Stop Thinking about the Future and Live in Present, Just Make Sure that You Make The Most out of Present and You Will Never Have to Worry About the Future. Moreover, Take Action

Benefits of Staying Positive

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In the Face of a Problem People Usually Respond in Two Ways, The Way that They Respond to a Problem Usually Tells us a Lot about their Character

First Way is By Being Overly Tensed about the Problem and Regretting Everything that they Did in the Past and Regreting the Fact that Their Action Resulted in a Problem which they Have to Solve

This Way They Start throwing their Problem over The Shoulders of other People and the Only thing that they Desire at the Moment is a Way to Get Rid of the Problem

Even if it Means Avoiding the Problem

Second Way is Usually Adopted By People Who are Extremely Confident in their Abilities even if the Only Ability they Possess is Cutting Grass

They Just Face the Problem Head on and Don’t Surrender No Matter What. They Don’t Care even if the problem is out of their Hands they Are Still Gonna Try to Test their Abilities

What’s The Difference Between the Two Type?

First Type of People Usually Have Negative Mindset toward Life and The Second type Has Usually Positive Mindset Toward Life

Having a Positive Mindset Toward Life Has Its Own Advantages

You are Positive about Everything, Pretty Sure You will Be Positive about the Problem and Deep Down You Will Have a Feeling that You Will Learn Something New From the Problem

You, Will Embrace the Problem With open arms and Accept the Fact that Somethings are out of Your Hands and Do what it Takes to Solve the Problem

Being Positive Won’t make The Problem Disappear But it Will Make You Genuinely Excited about Solving them. As a Kid, Every Single Puzzle was Exiting Because We were Positive

Embrace the Positivity and You Will Learn How to Embrace and Solve Every Problem

The Greatest Benefit of Being Positive is You Will Start to Live Your Life Again

The Greatest Benefit of Being Positive the Fact that Problems will No Longer Remain Problems They Will Become Exiting Puzzles For You To Solve and Prove yourself

10 Exercises to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

In order to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive, You Have to Transform Your Mindset, Making it More Strong and Resilient

Marking the End

Human Mind is Filled with Countless Thoughs, Thoughts that can Ruin You as Well as Create You into a Better Person. Marking the End of Every Negative thought is Necessary

Just Like a Positive Thought a Negative thought Will Keep Repeating Itself unless You accept it and Make a Counter Strategy against it

Everything that Worries You, Find Solution against them

Create Solution For Everything and Anything

Train Your Brain to Find Solution against Negativity

Showing Gratitude

Every Single Day For Last 1 Year I am Doing this one Particular Great Exercise. This Exercise Has Transformed My Life and If You Do it Properly Your Life Will Be Changed as Well

If you are a Religious Person and You Follow and Worship a God, Then By Know You May Know that Everything is in the Hands of the Gods

God will Determine What’s Good For You and The Only Thing You Need to Do is Believe in the Gods and Take Action

So, Every day When I wake Up, I Thank The God For Everything they Have Done For Me and I am Thankful For Their Care and Support

By Showing Gratitude to the Gods, You can Rid Yourself of the Feeling of Negativity

It’s one of the Best Way to Stay Positive

Making Someone Smile

smiling lady

No Matter How a Person Looks, When they are Smiling they are Beautiful No Matter What. Smile is one of Those Things that Can Make and Ruin Your Day

A Smile From Your Crush Can Make Your Day and a Smirk From a Bully who is About to Beat You up can Ruin Your Day

Smile Holds a Lot of Strength and If You can Make Someone Smile then Definitely Your Brain will always Be Filled With Positivity

I as a Person Don’t Know What Problems You are Dealing With But If I can Make You Laugh Even For a Small Moment then Why Shouldn’t I

Similarly, If You Have What it Takes to Make other People Feel Good about Themselves then You Should

3 Magic Moments

There are Always Moments in Our Life That Make us Laugh and Help Us in Realizing How Wonderfull Life is and If You Have any of those Moment Keep them Close to Yourself

Whenever Negativity Fills Your Mind Just Remember those Moments and Remember the Feeling

Keep a list of 3 of these Magic Moment to Use anytime When Negativity Fills Your Mind

Being Active & Being Alive

Do You Know What Makes a Person Truly Alive? Living at the Edge and Every time You Wake up, You Hang From the Edge Just For Fun

If You aren’t Living on the Edge then You Can Never Realize the Comfort You will Possess When You are in Danger

Being Alive is Not Just about Breathing it’s about Living to Your Full Potential. If You Aren’t Living to Your Full Potential then You aren’t Living

Someday You Will Be old and You Will Stress and Regret about the Things You Never Did

Just Make a List of things you want to Do Today and Start Doing Them Right Know

Don’t Hesitate, If You Seriously want to Hesitate, Hesitate When You are above 98

Living with Your Full Potential is the Best Exercises You Can Do Every Day to Make Yourself More Positive

Stay Grounded

When You are Down Never Let the Negativity Sink You and When You are Happy Never Let the Happiness Get To Your Head. Try to Stay Grounded

While Keeping Your Feet at the Ground Reach For The Sky. Never Test Depth of Water with Both Feet it’s Just Stupid

Staying Positive even During the Negativity and The Positivity will Help You in Developing a Skill of Control Over Your Emotions

Controlling Your Emotions is the First Step Towards Positivity

Be Kind, Be Helpful, Be Brave

Do What You Want to Do!

Most of The Negativity Transcend From the Fact that We Don’t Do What We Want to Do, We Do what Other People Want us to Do which Makes us in a Way Sad

Not Being True To Yourself and Not Doing What You are Supposed to Do and What You Want to Do will Take a Large Piece of Confidence out of You

Lower Confidence will Someday Translate into Negativity

I Think Know is The Time You Should Probably Learn About Being True to Yourself and Standing Up For Yourself

I Was Always Willing to Do what others wanted Me To Do No Because I Was a Good Person But Because I Was Afraid to Stand out But Now I Don’t Do anything unless it’s For My Happiness

People Will Push You around and Will Tell You what’s Good For You But Remember one Thing What’s Good For You will Always Be What You Want For Yourself

So, Kindly Trust Your Instincts and Do What You want to Do in order to Stay Positive


Sometimes our Mind is Filled with So Much Negativity that Nothing Seems to Makes us Positive. At that time You Need to Use Affirmations

Affirmations are More Like Sentences you Repeat Every day to Build Up Positivity

You Just Have to Repeat a Sentence Every Day Till You Genuinely Connect with the Sentence

For Example, I Used to Use “ I am Blessed and Happy No Matter What I Do ” as a Daily Affirmation and Reminder to Help My Self in Realizing How Blessed I am

You can Similarly Use the Same Affirmation

If You Feel Negativity about Playing Basket Ball then Tell Yourself Every Day that Basket Ball is a Piece of Cake

Surround Yourself With Company of Good People

Our Future Inevitably Depend upon the Company of People We Surround Ourself With

People around You will Directly or Indirectly Influence You in Subtle Ways. They will Infect You with Thoughts and Capabilities

Moreover, Overtime they Will Define Your Limits For You Without Asking You

Remember that as a Person What You can Do and You Cannot Do is Dependent on You and You alone. Never Let a Wannabe Define Your Limits For You

Cause If Someone Else is Defining Your Limits For you then I Don’t Think there is Much Positivity For You to Claim

Test Your Strength, Know Your Limits and then Work Every day to Go Beyond them and If You are Tired of Grinding Then You can Always Take a Day off and Relax


Sometimes You Just Need to Relax. It Takes Energy to Think Even If You are Thinking Positive. All the Energy You Waste on Overthinking Make You Feel Exhausted

No One Feels Positive When they Have Low Energy Levels

So, Just Relax. Take a Small Nap or Go Out and Have a Nice Walk in a Park Sit there on a Bench and Relax

But Whatever You Do Don’t Overexert Yourself

Keep it Simple and Relaxing

If You Know How to Make a cup of Tea, Do it

Enjoy the Tea Calmly in Your Garden Alone So that You Have time For Yourself

This Way Relaxing Will Help You in Gaining the Lost Energy


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A Word From Fitnessgained

If You Want a Change in Your Mindset then You Better Take Action. Change Without Taking Action is Like Hoping to Meet Your Wife in Men’s Toilet Which Never Happens

Take Action, Perform the Exercises with all Your Heart and Positivity is all Yours to Have

Hoping and Dreaming is Not Enough, Action is What Makes Difference

Follow Your Dreams, Make Your Passions Your Lifestyle and there will Be No Negative Situation where You Don’t Have a Positive Solution

P.S. Positivity can Help You in Many Ways and Being Positive is Being Open to Opportunities and Problems

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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