06 tips to increase your deadlift to Maximum Know How to Add 100 Pounds to Your Lift

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No one Will Deny The Fact that Building Strength is a synonym to Increase Your DeadLift. But Most of The Times People Hit Plateau Pretty Easily No Matter How Hard They Train Cause In the End Training is Not Enough. You Need a Lot More Than That. You May does not know that Dead-lift is One of the Best Exercise You Can Do In Order to Increase your Strength to Maximum.

Moreover, It is the Toughest of Strength Building Exercise.

Wrong Posture or Low Concentration Can Result in Injury. At the Same Time, Full Commitment and a Proper Trainer is Must.

Before We Start Let’s Elaborate Few Condition You Must Satisfy to Start Deadlift:

  • You Have a Trainer With You at all time
  • You are Medically Fit and In Your Top Health
  • You are Not Suffering any Injury
  • You Have Proper Equipment
  • You Know How to Do a Proper Deadlift

Feel Free to Check Your Posture and Stance with Low Weight Before Jumping to Higher Lift

Know Let’s Discuss Precautions

precautions during deadlift

Maybe You Don’t Need them But It’s My Duty to Elaborate Every Single One of them In order to Keep you Secure. Just Give them a Quick Look So That You Know What You are Doing. You Can Find More Precaution By Clicking Here:

  1. While Performing Dead-lift Your Lower Back is Little Bit Vulnerable. So Take Proper Steps to Ensure Safety.
  2. Lifting Heavy Weight At the Very Begining is Not Advisable Rather You Should Lift Lower Weight At the Begining of the Workout and Gradually Lift Heavy Weight.
  3. No Matter the Circumstance, Always Have Few People To Support You or Help You During the Lift In Order to Minimize the Chances of the Injuries.
  4. Having a Large Diet Before the Workout is Not Advisable.
  5. Don’t Try to Lift Weight By Performing any Jerky Moments.
  6. Your Lower Back Should Be Straight
  7. If You Keep Your Back Little Bit Curved During the Lift then There is a lot of Chances that You can Get Injured.
  8. Your Back Should Be Straight at All times With Chest out and Shoulder Back
  9. Get Into The Mindset Before Lifting, In My opinion, Listen to Some Song Which Fills You With Hunger.
  10. No Matter What Happens Don’t Try to Show off By Lifting Heavy Weight Rather Than What You are Capable off.

There Was one time When I Was Trying to Show off I GOT MY BACK INJURED kindly Don’t Do that it’s For Your own Good.

After All those Precautions Let’s Discuss Tips to Increase Your deadlift:

Tips to Increase Your Deadlift:

These Tips are Not In some Order You Should Just Focus on All of them as a Whole. Try these Tips and Let Me Know Did They Helped you out or Not

Tip 1. To Increase Your Deadlift is To Check Your Technique

Most of the Time People Start Lifting and Doing Deadlift Without Consulting a Proper Trainer and This is the Only Wrong thing They Do. Pretty often This Result in Lower Gains and Also Results In Bad Posture. In order to Avoid This, You Should Consult Your Trainer  or follow these Steps

  • Keep Your Feet Slightly Less than Shoulder Width Apart
  • Place the Bar Between against Your Shins
  • Stand up Tall With Your Chest out and Shoulders Back While Taking a Deep Breath into Your Diaphragm.
  • Move Toward The Bar by Pushing Your Hips back.
  • Place Your Hands Over the Bar With Double-Overhand Grip or over-underhand Grip, it Doesn’t Matter By the Way
  • Look in Front of You Nor At the Ceiling Nor at the bottom
  • Lift

Rather Than Going Through the Points Watch Video Instead:

Video Will Help You Much More than The Text I Suppose. Visual is Much More Better Than The Text in My opinion. Moreover, Please Check the Video Out It Will Surely Help You.

Tip 2. Try Increasing Your Grip Strength

Grip Strength is Crucial to Your Overall Lifting Capability. In the End, You are Pretty Much Gonna Use Your Hands For Lifting the Weight So It Would Be Wise If You Train Your wrist as Well.

You Can Improve Your Grip Strength Easily Fortunately By Following a Proper Routine

If You Don’t Have Required Grip Strength or If Your Grip Strength Doesn’t Meet the Mark then There is a Lot of Chance That You Will Get Injured. So Try Improving Your Grip Strength By Working on it.

Watch This Video In order To Have a Quick Recap How to Build Your Grip Strength Pretty Easily:

Tip 3. Focus on Gradually Increasing Your Weight

Don’t Push Yourself Hard Rather Have a Slow and Gradual Pace. It Doesn’t Matter How Much Your Buddy Deadlift Is? The Only thing that Should Matter You is Your Own Capability.

Take them as Example For Yourself and Push Yourself To Your Limits.

Think Like this If They Can Do it Then You Can Do it Too. There is Nothing in the Whole World Stopping You From Getting Stronger Rather They Will Serve as Motivator Which Will Help You Improve Even Further.

Gradually Increase Weight The Only Way is To Increase Your Reps in Previous Weight By 10 or At least By 7 and Then Attempt Higher Weight.

Tip 4. Increase Your Deadlift By Working on Your Legs

Work on Your Legs a Bit! Chances are You Don’t Like Leg Day But this Doesn’t Change the Fact that Legs Play a Crucial Role in Lifting Weight. In the End, You Use The Strength of the Legs to Lift the Weight Up.

In Order to Build The Strength of the Legs, You Should Enhance the Workout Routine of the Leg day. A Good Example Would Be Like this:

  1. Barbell Squat. 5 sets, 4-6 reps.
  2. Dumbbell Lunges. 4 sets, 12 reps each leg.
  3. Leg Press. 3 sets, 12-15 reps.
  4. Lying Leg Curls. 3 sets, 12 reps.
  5. Leg Extensions. 3 sets, 20 reps.
  6. Standing Calf Raises. 4 sets, 12 reps.

Try this Routine Out and Tell Me Did it Helped You or Not. In the End, We In the Fitness Industry Have to Try Everything out and Then Provide it to You. So that Your Chances of Improvement are Maximum

Tip 5. Prioritize Your Deadlift in Your Workout Program

You Want Better Gains or Strength, The Path is Simple to Prioritize it. Most of the Times People Perform Deadlift ones or twice Every Month. In Order to Have More Chance of Growth Do it At least 1 Time a Week.

I know This is a lot But It needs to Be this Way.

The path is Always Difficult and The More Difficult the Path the Greater the Taste of Success.

Tip 6. Don’t Overtrain

Training is Useful and Mindful But Training Beyond What is Necessary is Useless. Let Me Provide You with Proper Reason Why You Should Avoid Overtraining:

  1. It’s Useless and Net Outcome is Negative
  2. It Result in Less Energy For Other Task You May Have to Perform
  3. You are Wasting Your Time
  4. You are Harming Your Body
  5. You are Wasting Useful Energy

If You Overtrain You are Wasting all of the Energy that Can Be Utilized for Good. For More Information Just a Click Here Let Me Provide You With a Pretty Simple Information That Will Let You Get the Solution of this Question:

Am I overtraining?

Simple Yet Complex Answer is “Are You Feeling Weak Before Your Next Workout?”

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